Monday, June 19, 2006

Lone Pony, Little Miss Chatterbox & Lost

Well Becky (Lone Pony) and I had lunch today!! It was the first time for both of us to meet a fellow blogger. We both live in the KC area so we thought it would be fun. We were both nervous having never met someone we knew on the internet first. She wrote a post about it also and was way too kind saying that I was smart and beautiful but I would have to say the same about her.

We have similar personalities and views on issues so there was no lack of things to discuss :-). I am happy to tell you that we solved quite a few of the world's problems in our 2 1/2 hour lunch :-). We talked about how blogging gives you a place to vent, discuss issues and meet other likeminded people. For me it has been an awesome creative outlet and also a fun social outlet as well.

She is my new hero in many ways. She has overcome a lot of difficult things and has stood up and been strong. She is a great role model for so many women & men and the awesome potential we all have to overcome the struggles in our past and start a new life. I am very proud of her and proud to know her. Take the time to visit her great blog.

As I was driving to meet Becky for lunch today I thought of how we all can make new starts and change our lives if we want to. One of my favorite lines from "The Bodyguard" is when a lady is saying to Costner that she thinks her life is pathetic. His response to her was then why don't you change it? As many of us know its not always that easy. But life is meant to be embraced and lived to the fullest. I mentioned in my 100 post that in some ways I don't feel like I really started living until after dealing w/my anxieties and fears.

All of these thoughts made me think of my newest addiction, the Tv series "Lost". A friend talked me into watching it and I'm liking it much more than I expected. It has quickly become one of my favorite shows surpassing many others. You love almost all the characters warts and all. It is done by JJ Abrams who also did Alias so I'm not shocked that I like it so much. No spoilers in the comments please because I'm not even done with season 1 yet.

The way this relates to my thoughts about changing your life is that everyone on the island in "Lost" gets a fresh start. This is their chance to start over, what are they going to do with it? A man who has regained the use of his legs confronts several of the characters on what they are going to do with their new chance.

We don't have to go to an island to have our fresh start. We can start right here and now by leaving the difficult things and/or people from our past behind us. We can embrace life and live it to the fullest by facing our fears, taking risks, doing that thing we were never brave enough to do, traveling to the place we've always wanted to go to, etc...

Since facing my fears and anxieties this is part of what I've tried to do. And God has also given me dreams to pursue. I just pray that he gives me the courage to really chase after those dreams.

Like I said I love all the characters on the show but these two are probably my favorite. Jack (Matthew Fox) plays the good guy who is the Doctor and savior on the show and Sawyer (Josh Holloway) plays the bad boy who has a tender heart under the tough guy image.

One more pic of Sawyer :-).

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