Saturday, June 03, 2006

LMC's Smorgasboard

Black Hawk Down is a movie that is a must see. (Although I must caution you if you are squeamish by war violence. In my opinion this is more graphic than "Saving Private Ryan".) I re-watched it this week when I was doing my piles of laundry.

The Battle of Mogadishu was a significant event that happened on Clinton's watch. I think we were right to go in but made a huge blunder when we cut and ran. The Rangers and Delta Force soldiers were true heroes and fought bravely. It was inspiring to see them enforce their montra about not leaving any men behind. It was inspiring to see them stand up against an enemy that significantly outnumbered them. But it was so heartbreaking to see so many of the injured vow that they wanted to be a part of the team that would go back in and finish this job. It was not to be because Clinton cared more about polls than what was best for Somalia and the U.S. and the safety of the world in general. It is a well-known fact that Osama Bin Laden was emboldened by the fact that the U.S. cut and ran after only 18 soldiers deaths. When you look at this you can see why Clinton was afraid to fight the war on terror. He didn't want to deal with what Bush is dealing with now at the peril of our safety. This is another reason I am so thankful that Bush was brave enough to fight the war on terror and not kick the can down the road for the next president.

This all ties into how upset I have been this week over Murtha and the MSM's attack on our brave soldiers. All men and women deserve to presumed innocent until proven guilty. And in my opinion that should extend double to our men and women in the military. They sacrifice so much only to have a politically correct society constantly looking over their shoulders in the hopes that they might catch them in some wrongdoing. If the soldiers did kill people in cold blood they should face the consequences but until we have all the facts they should be presumed innocent. Ben Shapiro wrote an excellent article on this subject. Here is an excerpt:
"This is what the press has done for decades. Since the advent of television, media outlets have been engaged in a systematic attempt to tear down the credibility of the United States government in order to bolster their own authority. "You can't trust the government," the media says, "but you can trust us."

The Vietnam War became more about journalists (Dan Rather, Walter Cronkite) than about a war for the survival of liberal democracy in Southeast Asia. The welfare of the troops took a back seat to the press' sense of its own importance. It is a happy accident of history that this ongoing ego trip began after the rise of Hitler, or Nazism might well remain the dominant ideology on the European continent. Just imagine what the modern press would have done with Dresden, Hiroshima, Nagasaki. As it is, Communism lasted far longer and took far more lives than it should have, largely due to the arrogant self-aggrandizement of the American press; Walter Duranty had little on mainstream media's feting of Gorbachev, degradation of Reagan and purposeful opposition to the rollback of global Communism.

Until the press realizes its authority is far less important than the lives of American soldiers -- the same soldiers who fight to protect the rights of the American press -- American soldiers will continue to face heightened hatred brought on by superfluous and counterproductive media attention. The press wishes to both undermine the mission of American soldiers and simultaneously decorate soldiers' graves with flowered copies of the daily newspaper. This is perversion. The press' sick delight in its own glorification continues to increase the number of "passionless mounds" in Arlington National."

I will freely admit that I don't know anything about Racing or NASCAR. But I read this Parade Magazine article about Danica Patrick last week and I was impressed. I enjoy seeing women succeed and she seems to be doing really well in the Racing World. She is 11th in overall standings right now after coming in 8th at the Indy this past sunday. Pretty cool!! I read up a little on her but for any of you who are very knowledgable on her I would love to know more.

Little Orange Fox is the hero of the week. I cut and pasted my template for her to work with and she worked miracles. She figured out the expanding blogrolls that I now have for the Compatriot and Blogging Chicks' blogrolls. And she did some other nice, cosmetic changes. Yah!!!!!!!!

And last and probably least :-) my amusing quote of the week. I was watching a little of "That 70's Show" tonight. This is something hilarious that Ashton Kutcher (Kelso) said to his girlfriend that is trying to break up with him:
"I'm like Ketchup, I go good on everything."

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