Sunday, June 11, 2006

Who Would I Be???

AbFreedom did a post on which sitcom character he would be when he grew up. I loved the whole concept and was going to do a post on it even without being tagged but then Rebekah tagged me before I got a chance to post it. So it's now official :-)!!

Ofcourse most of you know how much I love Alias and Sydney Bristow. I even talked about wanting to be a cross between Wonder Woman and Sydney so it's no shocker that my first pick would be Sydney Bristow. She is caring, compassionate, smart, great looking and she kicks some serious evil tail!! If she had been in charge of finding Zarqawi we would've been rejoicing long before this week :-)!!

You all know what a TV buff I am so I couldn't just pick one. My 2nd choice would be Elaine from Seinfeld. I even had a friend's husband tell me once I reminded him of her and I took that as a compliment. Now I have another friend who doesn't even like Elaine because she says she's too selfish. Now I will admit that at times she is. What I love about Elaine is her ability to say what she's thinking without holding back. She always says what I would love to say if I was brave enough. On the other hand there are some things that probably shouldn't be said but its always fun to imagine what it would be like if you did say them. Did you get that :-)?? It made sense to me.

Probably my favorite thing about Elaine is when someone would say something that would shock or excite her she would say, "Get Out!!" and she would affecionately shove the person (usually Jerry). That was one of her trademarks and I loved it.

My 3rd pick would be Jackie from That 70's Show. Again she probably needs a disclaimer because she could be selfish and a little money hungry but you had to love her. She was genuine and honest about what she wanted :-)!!

I usually don't tag people when I do these things but since it's only 3, I might as well!!

I'll tag: Kelli, Wyatt and Outlaw!!!

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