Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Review of John Adams

I have owned the hard copy of David McCullough's book, John Adams for quite a few years but just hadn't gotten around to reading it. So recently, I have been listening to it on Cd. As always, McCullough does an excellent job.

I enjoyed learning about Adams and the key role he played in the founding of our nation. I was also fascinated by his relationship with his wife, his children, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Rush. I didn't realize that Adams and Jefferson started out as close friends, then became fierce, political rivals and then became friends again towards the end of their lives. I did remember that they both died on the same day, which was the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.

Benjamin Rush's name came up quite a bit and he was the one responsible for re-kindling Adams and Jefferson's friendship. I have a book on Rush that I've been wanting to read and hearing about him in this book, makes me even more motivated to read it.

Adams ended up being separated from Abigail so often that they wrote endless letters to each other. Abigail loved and adored her husband and found the separations difficult, but was willing to sacrifice for her country. I have studied the presidents' wives, but not extensively. Yet, so far, if I had to pick a favorite I always come back to Abigail Adams. She was a strong woman and her husband so admired her that he went to her for advice.

Adams was also a good father who cared for his children. He took son, John Quincy with him on many of his trips which ended up making John Quincy more than qualified to be in public service later on in his life. John Quincy Adams didn't become president later on in life just because he was John Adams' son but because he had come by his experience and wisdom in his own right.

I highly recommend this book and any other history book written by David McCullough.

Book rating--8 out of 10 stars

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