Friday, July 18, 2008

Back From Canada!

Before commenting on my trip, I just have to say that I am still reeling over the death of Tony Snow. We were traveling back from Canada to Michigan on Saturday and I hadn't heard any news so I didn't find out until Saturday night. I had heard during the McClellan debacle that Tony Snow wasn't doing well but it was still a big blow that I wasn't prepared for.

My parents had DVRed all the Memorial shows done on Fox about him on Saturday and tears just streamed down my face as we watched them. Snow was larger than life and he just exuded optimism and humor and its just so hard to comprehend that he's gone. I haven't felt such a loss over someone in the public eye since Reagan, yet Reagan got to live 40 more years than Snow. My heart just aches for Snow's wife and kids to lose him when they are so young.

Tony Snow's faith, optimism, humor and political wit and wisdom will be greatly missed. Our loss is heaven's gain, yet his death will leave an incredible void here. In the above video you see how he touched so many people's lives by just caring like he did for Brett Baier's son. That was the kind of man he was and there aren't many like him. As Roger Ailes said, when you look character up in the dictionary you will find Tony Snow.

I am so glad Mike was able to do some good posts on him in my absence. I will do a comprehensive post on him too and I will dedicate a big part of my radio show to remembering him this coming Monday!!
Well, its been a crazy 3 weeks but I'm glad to be back. I've been to Michigan and Canada and back to KC! I went to Montreal, Quebec on a Missions Trip. Before and after I spent some time with my parents in Michigan since they live on the way and they watched 2 of my kids while we were in Quebec.

I was exposed to a lot of French since most people who live in Montreal are bi-lingual and speak both French and English. I did a lot of driving and managed to avoid getting lost, and/or get pulled over for any driving infractions ;-). Anyone that knows me knows that this is a big deal. I am "directionally challenged" so I was a little concerned about driving in another country, but having a GPS is a marvelous thing. I love Garmin :-)!!

I was a "support person" on this trip which was a new role for me. I enjoyed seeing God work in others lives and being a part of His ministry from a different perspective.

Many thanks to Mike, Steve and Rebecca for blog sitting for me while I was gone.

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