Friday, April 04, 2008


Okay, so I wanted to watch Bruce Willis's latest Die Hard movie, Live Free, Die Hard. That meant I had to go back and watch the 1st 3 because it had been so long. Do you realize that the first Die Hard movie came out in 1988? That was 20 years ago!! It seems like it was just yesterday. Not to date myself or anything but 1988 is the year I graduated from high school so that was a long time ago!!

I thoroughly enjoyed all 4 of the movies and wouldn't mind owning them. I adore Bruce Willis for so many reasons. For one, he just has this charisma about him that comes out in everything he does.

He also is a conservative on a lot of issues so that also scores a lot of points with me. I did a bunch of research on him about this for the radio show and talked about it at length the other week. My favorite article that I found on him was entitled, Why the Hollywood Left Hates Bruce Willis.

Now, onto what I specifically loved about the movies. I loved everything about how Willis dealt with the bad guys in the 1st one. I loved his wife going after the obnoxious reporter with a taser in Die Hard 2. In Die Hard: With a Vengeance I loved the interaction between Willis and Samuel Jackson. They made a great team. I also loved Willis trying to figure out who the 21st President was, Chester A. Arthur (by the way, my 8 yr. old knows that). The last one, I loved how they dealt with Willis's relationship with his daughter and his connection to the computer geek.

It is a great series, Bruce Willis rocks, and I am left saying, Yipee-kai-aye!!!

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