Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Laura and Jenna Bush in Kansas City!

First Lady Laura Bush and Jenna Bush came to Kansas City yesterday to promote their new book and I got to be there. They came to Unity Temple on the Plaza for a short presentation and then they autographed copies of their books. Rainy Day Books sold 1,000 tickets and books ahead of time. Several friends and I got to go and we met up with Heidi and her husband.

Thankfully, Heidi called and found out the doors opened even earlier than what they had previously said and she saved us seats. I was so bummed, because Rivka was supposed to go with us, but twisted her ankle the night before and wasn't able to come.

There were only 3 pathetic protesters and none of them assaulted us like has happened at previous events. Perhaps, if we had been able to rent Rivka a wheelchair and bring her with us they would've been braver. I wanted to say something to them but one of my friends urged me not to. Instead, I made eye contact with one of them and glared. I just find it absurd that they have nothing better to do with their lives than to protest at something that isn't even a political event.

Laura and Jenna Bush were both wonderful and gracious. Laura looks even prettier in person and so wonderful for her age. Jenna is very charming and articulate. It took hours to get through the line so we weren't supposed to say too much, but I did let them know it was an honor to meet them and that I home schooled my kids.

It was hard to get a decent picture and I don't have the best camera so I wasn't able to get a good picture of them. Instead, I did have someone take a picture of our group with us holding our books. The problem is, I left my camera in my friend's car. So as soon as I get it back I will add the picture to this post.

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