Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Review of 1776 by David McCullough

I've been listening to 1776 (unabridged) on CD. The most striking thing to me in listening to it is how little of the specifics I know or remember of the Revolutionary War.

Also, its fascinating how much history puts current events into context. 1776 was a rough year for the Americans and if there had been polls done back then George Washington and the troops would've had very little support. Yet, Washington and the soldiers did not give up despite the odds and some of the losses that they suffered. Washington had a lot of critics during the war who thought he wasn't fit to be Commander in Chief.

Today, very few are aware of this because of how things turned out and Washington is considered one of our greatest presidents and leaders. Once again I think history will view George W. Bush much more favorably just like history has judged George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Reagan much more favorably the more time went by and the fruit of their leadership was revealed.

David McCullough is by far one of my favorite History authors. When I first started on my journey of researching the Presidents I listened to McCullough's book on Truman. I learned so much and it was very exciting since Truman is from the KC area.

I learned a lot by listening to 1776 on CD, but there is so much rich history in it that I think I'm also going to take the time to read the actual hard copy of the book.

Book Rating--9 out of 10 stars

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