Saturday, February 16, 2008

My Book List So Far...

I mentioned at the beginning of this year that I had joined a group where we committed to read 50 books this year. I was excited about it but had no idea I would be doing as well as I am this early in the game. Most of the credit goes to how easy and fun the Stephanie Plum series is but I have read and listened to a couple of other good books as well.

Right now I am listening to Bonhoeffer: The Cost of Freedom on CD. It is phenomenal!! It is an inspirational true story and I am enjoying it immensely. I am also in the middle of reading the 12th book in the Stephanie Plum series, entitled, Twelve Sharp.

Here are the books that I have read so far:
1) The Faith of the American Soldier--Stephen Mansfield
2) My Grandfather's Son--Clarence Thomas
3) A Patriot's Handbook (CD)--Caroline Kennedy
4) 1776 (CD)--David McCullough
5) One for the Money--Janet Evanovich
6) Two for the Dough--Janet Evanovich
7) Three to get Deadly--Janet Evanovich
8) Four to Score--Janet Evanovich
9) High Five--Janet Evanovich
10) Hot Six--Janet Evanovich
11) Seven Up--Janet Evanovich
12) Hard Eight--Janet Evanovich
13) To the Nines--Janet Evanovich
14) Ten Big Ones--Janet Evanovich
15) Eleven On Top--Janet Evanovich
16) Visions of Sugar Plums--Janet Evanovich

Also, this is a perfect post to wish my friend a Happy Birthday because she is a huge book reader and puts me to shame in her book reading.

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