Friday, July 20, 2007

Simpsons' Dee and Rockin' Girl Blogger!!

My life is a little on the stressful side right now so time to take a break for a little fluff. Wyatt made a Simpsons' version of himself and encouraged all of us to do the same. Of course, it took me awhile but here it is. To make a Simpsons' version of yourself, go here! The ironic thing is I have now made a South Park & a Simpsons' version of myself and I don't watch either show.

Monica aka Grizzly Mama awarded me the Rockin' Girl Blogger award. I'm aware that its one of those meaningless awards but, hey, they are fun!! So I figured I'd spread the fun and hand out a couple myself.


Becky from Lone Pony

RT from Public Pondering

Marie from Marie's Two Cents

Anna from Anna's Clue Tank

Incognito from Confessions of a Closet Republican

Gayle from Dragon Lady's Den

Linda from Frankly, my dear...

Kelli from Me in Place

Spread the fun!!!!!!

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