Thursday, August 17, 2006

Justice For Jon Benet Ramsey

I tell ya I think I was just as shocked about the arrest in the Jon Benet Ramsey case as I was when I first heard that they had found Elizabeth Smart alive. It had been so long that I had given up on them ever solving the case. And to be honest I had studied this case and concluded that the parents were probably somehow involved. So my first reaction today was a little bit of guilt in realizing that here they had been innocent this entire time.

I am very happy for the family though. They will finally have some justice and closure. And for the father even though it is 10 years late he will finally have some vindication about his innocence. It saddens me though that the mother died without being able to see this day. At least the reports are that she knew they finally had a suspect before she died.

It also sounds pretty convincing to me that they indeed have the right man. He is reported to have known details about the crime that no one besides the police knew. I know it doesn't bring her back but I'm a big believer in justice and closure for parents who lose their children. So I'm thank-ful that the Ramsey family will finally have at least that.

UPDATE: John Mark Karr makes my skin crawl but it is hard to tell whether he is just a nutjob wanting attention or the real perpetrator. I would hope the prosecution had some hard evidence before they decided to arrest him and have him transported all the way here from Thailand. DNA looks like it may be the key to all of this. I hope they do have DNA evidence otherwise they may have gotten everyone's hopes up for nothing.

Wyatt brings up some good points about all of us feeling guilt about this case.

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