Monday, August 14, 2006

Greenfield Village & The Henry Ford Museum

While I was in Michigan my mom and I and my two boys joined up with some friends for a weekend trip. Linda picked out Greenfield Village and The Henry Ford Museum near Detroit which was only about a 3 hr. trip from my parents' house. It was a very fun history place to visit and I loved it. Linda posted on the trip and all of my pics are ones I snagged from her since she has the digital camera :-). The above pic was of me standing in front of the presidential car that Reagan took cover in when he was shot by John Hinckley.

Since I am a huge history buff I was very excited about all the authentic things Henry Ford had moved to this one location. This picture is of The Wright Brother's actual house that was moved here from Dayton, Ohio. Henry Ford was also good friends with Thomas Edison and had his actual workshop moved here from Menlo Park, New Jersey. The man in the Edison workshop told a neat story. He said that Ford asked Edison if they had re-created the materials inside the shop to look exactly the way Edison had had them 50 years ago. Edison said 98% and so Ford asked what 2% of it was wrong. Edison said that he had never kept his workshop that clean. I loved it.

This is a picture of my boys inside a hat shop. Some other highlights that we saw at Greenfield Village were George Washington Carver's cabin, the Logan County Courthouse where Abraham Lincoln had practiced as a lawyer, Noah Webster's home and many other sites. We also got to ride in an authentic Model T, an Omnibus Shuttle pulled by horses, an old bus, a 1913 Herschell-Spillman Carousel and a train.

My other friend, Kelli that came brought her 2 daughters. Her oldest daughter is the same age as Matthew, in fact they are only 4 days apart. This is a pic of them waiting for their food at a restaurant.

At the Henry Ford Museum there were a bunch of highlights also. Besides the Reagan presidential car and the JFK presidential car that he was shot in there was the actual bus that Rosa Parks took her stand in. There was also the actual chair that Lincoln sat in at Ford's theater when he was shot.

There was also an Imax theater there and the boys, my mom and I all watched Superman Returns with some of it in 3D. All in all it was a great history weekend and I was glad to see that especially Calvin seemed to have learned a lot from it.

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