Sunday, April 02, 2006

Overcoming the Odds

I love movies where the main character fights to overcome the odds and the naysayers and does. My husband and I went to see Annapolis tonight. It was soooo good!! A guy wants to get into the Naval Academy and fights hard to get there. Once there he is the underdog and almost gives up but doesn't and prevails.

I finally finished "Life is Short--Wear Your Party Pants". I'm going to do a post on what I learned from the book when I get a chance. But she has a great part in there about movies. Here's part of what she had to say:
"We're a storytelling species. Human beings learn about the human experience--and about our endless possibilities-- through stories. And what more exciting way to be told a story than at the movies? Watching movies that spark an optimistic view of life can help develop positive illusions, and serve as good examples for shifting our own behavior."
I was so encouraged to read that because I think it is so true for me. I love being inspired by others who refuse to give up and do something that others say they can't do.

For me there is a long list of movies that fit into that category. Here are just a few that come to mind:
1) Braveheart
2) Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken
3) Erin Brockovich
4) Legally Blonde
5) Working Girl
6) Shawshank Redemption
7) Wildcats
8) The Count of Monte Cristo
9) The Patriot
10) The Great Raid

Let me know if there are any movies that fit into that category for you.

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