Monday, April 17, 2006


I have been under the weather today so haven't been able to post or visit. I was trying to think of something light I could post on. I'm very excited because Alias returns this wednesday after a couple months break. This is the last season so the last episodes should be good. I'm hoping that J.J. Abrams will not disappoint me and give the show a fantastic ending.

Rumor has it that Vaughn (Michael Vartan) isn't really dead (which is what we've all been hoping for) and that they are going to bring back Will (Bradley Cooper) for at least one episode. I had to laugh when I read Cooper's comments on coming back. He mentions that he is going to be tortured again for like the 8th time. But he plays such a good torture victim :-).

I was so disappointed in La Femme Nikita that it motivated me to go back and rewatch the earlier seasons of Alias. They are so good. It reminded me why I loved the show so much. The 1st 2 seasons are gold, the 3rd season is good but a little painful. The 4th season was a little disappointing. I think they made a big mistake by not having Cooper stay on the show and I know a lot of people who agree with me.

But the show is awesome and there is so much about it to love. The whole concept of a Woman spy who is able to kick some serious butt!! You absolutely love all of the main characters and there are some great scenes and great plotlines. I know I've already talked a lot of you into watching 24 but this is another show soooooooo worth your time. I'm looking forward to wednesday.

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