Saturday, December 13, 2014

Harriet Tubman: The Moses of Her People (A Review)

Behold here, in the little negro girl, the future deliverer of hundreds of her people; the spy and scout of the Union armies; the devoted hospital nurse; the protector of hunted fugitives; the eloquent speaker in public meetings; the cunning eluder of pursuing man-hunters; the heaven guided pioneer through dangers seen and unseen; in short, as she has well been called, 'The Moses of her People.--pg. 14
-Harriet Tubman's life has always been an inspiration to me. This book, written while Harriet was still alive, is a gem in many ways. Bradford (who knew Harriet well), shares her views and other esteemed people's views of her and her character. 
God had a great work for her to do in the world, and the discipline and hardship through which she passed in her early years, were only preparing her for her after life of adventure and trial; and through these to come out as the Savior and Deliverer of her people, when she came to years of womanhood.--pg. 16
 -The more I learn about Harriet, the more amazed I am by what she was able to accomplish.   And this book in particular shares her strong faith.
Brought up by parents possessed of strong faith in God, she had never known the time, I imagine, when she did not trust Him, and cling to Him, with an all-abiding confidence.  She seemed ever to feel the Divine Presence near, and she talked with God 'as a man talketh with his friend'.  Hers was not the religion of a morning and evening prayer at stated times, but when she felt a need, she simply told God of it, and trusted Him to set the matter right.--pg. 23
-After Harriet escaped from slavery, she went back 19 times to rescue other slaves and was always successful.  She brought over 300 slaves north to freedom.  This, along with a whole host of other major accomplishments, is astounding. 

-Frederick Douglass had this to say about her:
Excepting John Brown--of sacred memory--I know of no one who has willingly encountered more perils and hardships to serve our enslaved people than she has.

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