Thursday, June 26, 2014

Remembering The 60's!

Today is my first post in a series of history posts that I am going to do every Thursday.  I'm excited about having a different topic each day of the week to blog about.

I am watching a series on CNN right now, The Sixties.  The 60's are fascinating to me because a lot happened in that decade right before I was born.  Three assassinations happened--JFK, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Robert Kennedy.  It is also the decade of the Civil Rights movement, which I am very passionate about.

Do You Remember and many other media outlets had a lot about JFK's assassination last November, since it was the 50th anniversary.  I had DVR'd many shows about the assassination and of course, true to the way I work, I just recently got around to watching them all.

I was fascinated, because even though I had read a lot about JFK, his assassination and the Kennedys, I had never seen footage of things, because it happened before I was born.

Killing Kennedy, which was based on O'Reilly's book was very comprehensive and gave a great overview.  I watched quite a few other documentaries, and I was amazed at how absurd so many of the conspiracy theories were.  I consider myself, for the most part, to be anti-conspiracy.  Learning about the conspiracy theories surrounding JFK's assassination only further convinced me of my mindset.

Stay tuned for next week's history post, unless something else grabs my attention, I plan on talking about the 20th anniversary of the OJ Simpson trial.

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