Sunday, April 11, 2010

Taking Our Country Back w/ Sean Hannity and Karl Rove in KC!

Saturday was an awesome day!! The "Taking our Country Back Tour" made a stop in Kansas City with Laura Ingraham, John Rich, Karl Rove and Sean Hannity.

Before the show, I got autographs and pics taken with Sean Hannity and Karl Rove. They are both amazing, genuine and gracious men in person. I enjoyed all the talks, even Laura Ingraham's. She lost some of my support in recent years when she relentlessly went after Bush over the immigration issue towards the end of his presidency. Yet, she encouraged everyone on Saturday to support good, conservative Republicans instead of wandering down the 3rd party road like some seem destined to do.

Karl Rove gave an incredible talk and just amazes me with his grasp on the issues. He is so disarming that its hard to see why anyone would hate him. I then remind myself that the left will attempt to destroy anyone they perceive as a threat, and Rove is definitely that.

He also gave some specific ways to make sure Republicans win in November.

John Rich won my support when he denounced Phelp's horrible clan (that was picketing outside) by saying there was a special place in hell for them. I still cannot fathom the evil that it takes to protest at a funeral of a soldier who has died for his country.

Sean Hannity brought the house down as usual, the crowd roared when he came out. He is definitely a Republican Rock Star for so many reasons! For one thing, he is the real deal! He started off by pointing out how bad things were and then moving onto the good news and what we could do to take our country back! I left there feeling optimistic about our country's future, and ready to get to work!

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