Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Honoring Freedom--Defending President Bush's Legacy!

Jeffrey Scott Shapiro interned for Bill Clinton, voted for Al Gore and served on Senator John F. Kerry’s legal team during the 2004 election. Yet, today he is defending President Bush. He has started a group entitled, Honor Freedom. Honor Freedom's goal is to: correct the historical record about President Bush and the Bush foreign policy doctrine
Honor Freedom's Mission is to:
1. UNITE BUSH SUPPORTERS by building a national network of chapters in all 50 states.

2. CORRECT THE HISTORICAL RECORD by dispelling fallacies about President Bush.

3. TEACH AMERICA the truth about the Bush foreign policy doctrine.
Shapiro wrote an article entitled, America Betrayed President Bush. I couldn't agree with Shapiro more. Here is an excerpt:
As Obama continues to make decisions that mirror the Bush doctrine, it is becoming apparent that the former president was not ignorant or irrational in his foreign policy decisions despite the harsh criticism and disloyalty he endured. He was in fact, ahead of his time, a visionary who understood politics and warfare in the modern age of terrorism.

That is why Obama is now following his lead.

It should be obvious now, even to Obama’s most passionate supporters that shielding the free world requires more than mere words like “hope” and “change.” Bush’s detractors should be embarrassed having arrogantly thought they could do it better, and those Republicans who abandoned Bush when he needed them most should take a moment to reflect on their fortitude or lack thereof.

Americans who chastised President Bush for removing Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq should apologize and show him the same respect they are now showing President Obama as he neutralizes the Taliban in Afghanistan.

George W. Bush seemed to have an almost mystical understanding of what the American people needed when we needed it most. He reminded all of us of why we should be proud to be Americans at a time when there was a whisper that we brought the Sept. 11 attacks upon ourselves for promoting democracy abroad.

President Bush deserves our respect, not our betrayal.
As anyone who reads my blog knows, I have continued to be a loyal supporter and defender of Bush, despite how fickle even many fellow Republicans have been towards him. I am extremely thank-ful for Shapiro's efforts. As Breitbart says, "George W. Bush is history's president". I firmly believe that history will be much kinder to him than many are today.

Make sure to check out the Honor Freedom website. If you are on Facebook, join the Facebook group.

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