Thursday, November 05, 2009

Trip Post 3--Yosemite National Park!

Yosemite was the only park that we spent two days at. As we entered it on the first day, we got some shots of the granite Half Dome from a distance.

We then headed to Bridalveil Fall. According to all the books I read, the falls were supposed to be dried up by the end of the summer and early fall. Yet, not only were they not dried up, but they were going at full force.

El Capitan is the other famous granite structure at Yosemite. We used my Dad's binoculars and were able to see rock climbers climbing it. People come from all over the world to climb it.

When I was looking up books for the kids for the trip, I stumbled upon a book about the Yosemite murders. Since, I have an interest in crime stories I decided to read it on the trip. One of the women that Stayner murdered, worked at Yosemite and had done some rock climbing on El Capitan. She had to sleep over night in a sling hanging off of it, because you can't climb El Capitan in just one day.

Yosemite Falls was a little easier to get close to than Bridalveil had been.

We got to see yet another bear. This one was a little farther away and was resting most of the time.

This sign cracked us up because there seemed to be no concern for injuring people, just make sure you don't hurt the bears!

This was the gorgeous view from Glacier Point!

I made sure to take the picture of the above ledge because of a book I bought at the gift shop. The book is entitled, Pioneers in Petticoats. Its about Yosemite's early women from 1856-1900. As you can see from the cover below, it shows 2 of the first women to explore Yosemite doing kicks off the edge of the ledge. When you actually see it in real life, its even more terrifying to envision them doing that.

Basic Yosemite facts:
-1864-President Lincoln signed a bill to protect Yosemite Valley
-1890-Yosemite was only the 3rd to become a national park
-Yosemite is located within the Sierra Nevada mountains in Central California
-John Muir fought to protect Yosemite
-3.5 million people visit Yosemite in a typical year
-El Capitan is the world's largest exposed granite cliff
-There are 3 groves of Sequoia trees with Mariposa grove being the largest and most famous
-The most famous and the oldest living Sequoia in Yosemite is Grizzly Giant which is in Mariposa Grove
--The Yosemite Murders
--Yosemite National Park
--Yosemite National Park (Symbols of Freedom)
--Welcome to Yosemite National Park
--Yosemite National Park (National Parks)

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