Thursday, June 18, 2009

Optimism, Anger and Protesting in Iran!

Patrick asked, Who are the Protesters in Iran?

He then linked to Laura Secor's column over at The New Yorker entitled, Optimism and Anger in Tehran. Secor was able to contact a friend in Tehran and here is some of what she found out:
She was one of the millions in Azadi Square on Monday. The energy, she told me, was indescribable. You could not feel afraid; the sense of common purpose was too powerful, and it had left her with a profound and nearly serene certainty that this movement would succeed.

Later on her friend said this:
The worst they can do is execute me. I have prepared myself for that. If I am worried, it is not for myself. It’s for the Iranian people, for young people, today’s generation and future generations. My freedom and my life, and those of one or two people like me, don’t matter.”)

Gateway Pundit has done an excellent post on Iranian Hero Kianoosh Sanjari. Sanjari had this to say,
"The people of Iran will not forgive Obama for siding with the Regime."
And Mike says, U.S. May Have to Apologize for Obama as He Picks Wrong Side in Iran. Mike mentions that when it comes to foreign policy Obama is already starting to look worse than even Jimmy Carter. It is amazing the scary similarities that I was seeing between the 2 men way back when Obama started running for president.

The people of Iran need to know the U.S. supports them in their desire for freedom, but with Obama they are out of luck!!

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