Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sarah Palin vs. Teddy Roosevelt!

I saw this editorial cartoon in the KC Star and I got excited. I followed the trail and went and looked up the info in my Presidential book and sure enough, I was proven right. Guess what?
--Teddy Roosevelt was Governor of New York for exactly 2 years before becoming Vice President
--He was Vice President for LESS THAN A YEAR before becoming President
--He was 43 years old, younger than Sarah Palin is now

So, you can imagine my distress when I came across Kathleen Parker's column on Sarah Palin. I will never understand the willingness of some to throw their own under the bus. Although, anyone who has read Parker knows she is a bit of a "maverick" herself, much more along the lines of John McCain and NOT Sarah Palin. Therefore, as soon as I read her column I wrote her the following letter:
I was very disappointed to read your column asking Sarah Palin to step down. McCain never had a chance at winning until she was on the ticket. It is the first time many of us as conservative women have truly been excited about a woman politician.

I've done a lot of studying of the presidents and first ladies and I have to go back to Abigail Adams to find a first lady to admire. Sarah Palin has plenty of experience for the ticket and I can't believe you, of all people would ask her to step down.

Palin has been compared to many great leaders. She has been compared to Reagan by Michael Reagan himself, but the best comparison is to Teddy Roosevelt. Why? She is a reformer and guess how much experience Teddy Roosevelt had before becoming Vice President and then President? He had been Governor of New York for 2 years before becoming Vice President and then he was VP for less than a year before becoming President. He was younger than Palin is today when he assumed the Presidency. He was a very successful, two term president with his face on Mt. Rushmore. You should be cheering Sarah Palin on, not asking her to step down.

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