Friday, March 07, 2008

2008 Clay County Republican Lincoln Days!

I've been in political heaven this week. On Tuesday I got to go hear Scalia speak and last night I got to attend our county's Lincoln Days.

Radio Talk Show Host Chris Stigal MC'd the event and did an excellent job. The above picture is of he and I with Representative Doug Ervin (although the date on it is wrong).

There were a lot of wonderful speakers and people in attendance. Governor Matt Blunt was the key note speaker and I found myself sad that he isn't going to be running for re-election. Aside from Missouri's Amendment 2 he has been an excellent Governor.

Congressman Sam Graves made a surprise appearance and announced that under Pelosi's leadership the Democrats are still keeping the House from renewing the FISA bill. Completely despicable!!

Missouri Treasurer Sarah Steelman and Congressman Kenny Hulshof both whom are running for Missouri Governor spoke. I don't know enough about either one of them to know who I'll support but they both seem like great candidates. Although, I did think Hulshof gave a better speech and is just better at public speaking in general.

State Senator Brad Lager spoke and is running for Missouri State Treasurer.

Representatives Jerry Nolte, Tim Flook, and Bob Nance all spoke. Senator Bill Stouffer presented an award to a Teen Wrestler. I'm not sure, but I think his name was Colin Pearce and he was a State Champion for all 4 years of his high school wrestling career.

Representative Doug Ervin once again gave the best speech of the night (IMHO). It was so good that I asked for a transcript and he said he would email me a copy. When I get it I will do a post on it because it was a stellar speech on the philosophy of the Republican party. Sometimes when we are stuck with the likes of John McCain we forget how awesome our party is.

Speaking of McCain, Colonel Jack Jackson spoke and gave an illustration on why we needed to give our all and wholeheartedly support McCain. No disrespect to Colonel Jackson but I wasn't persuaded.

Commissioner Craig Porter presented the Clay County Republican of the Year Award to Tom Brown.

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