Friday, August 10, 2007

Cute Boy & the Alligator at The Missouri State Fair

A friend and I and our kids all went on our annual trip to the Missouri State Fair yesterday. It was HOT!!! I don't know what the actual temperature got up to but it was supposed to be 97 degrees and who knows what it really was with the heat index. It felt hotter.

The above picture is of my youngest, ornery son (devil horns boy) that I nicknamed "Cute Boy". I have yet to see a teacher or therapist that has worked with him that hasn't loved him. He has a charm about him and this sparkle in his eye, and he is just cute!!

Well, this cute boy is scared of most animals. He is scared of almost all cats and dogs and doesn't want to have anything to do with them. Yet, yesterday while at the fair we went to "Kachunga and the alligator show" and he was dying to get his picture taken while holding the baby alligator. So the above picture (I'm not sure why the date on it is wrong) is of him with the baby alligator and it cracked me up because he wasn't scared at all.

He was so cute, as we were leaving he asked if I would put the picture of him and the alligator on my blog. I was a step ahead of him, I had already thought of it and here it is!!

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