Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Life is Beautiful

My apologies, I didn't get a chance to visit hardly anyone's blogs today, it was a busy day. One of the reasons was 2 friends from college came over for a girls' night. We try to do it once or twice a month. Two of us are night people and my poor friend who is a morning person always gets stuck staying up way past her bedtime. But we must be worth it because she keeps coming :-). We talk, pray and watch movies. Tonight we watched "Life is Beautiful". To be honest they had both seen it before and loved it but I had my doubts. But they were right, it was an inspiring movie. It really inspired me to try to make the best of bad situations in life and how much it helps to be optimistic and not bitter even when things are bad. It is a movie for everyone and I highly recommend it.

I also got to have lunch with my spiritual Mom/mentor today. She was in Kansas City for work. Tuesdays my kids go to a Homeschool Co-op so its my one day a week I get to do errands and have lunch with friends. Anyway, she also has a blog and she wrote about our me and our lunch. We had a great time.

Since she brought up the fry story I figure I might as well tell it. She was my awesome sunday school teacher, youth leader and many other things when I was in junior high and highschool. She was my pastor's wife and her and my pastor were crazy enough to take us teens on fun fieldtrips. When I was in highschool I could go from being very quiet in unfamiliar situations to being very outgoing when I was in my comfort zone. Well, with my youth group I was very much in my comfort zone. That night we were on our way back from the fieldtrip and we were at Wendy's. It was pitch dark out and I was wearing sunglasses to give you some background of the mistake I was about to make. I went up behind my pastor's son and decided to steal one of his french fries and obnoxiously said, "Thanks for giving me one of your fries." To my horror he turned around and it wasn't the pastor's son. It was some kid that I didn't even know and I had just stolen his french fry. It was very embarrassing and I'm sure he thought I was psycho. But it has made for a great story to tell--my kids really enjoy hearing it.

On a completely different note The Republican party called me yesterday. The Bush guy that I worked with in '04 passed on that I had been a great volunteer. So the GOP chic was calling to see if I would be interested in helping her and being in charge of some of the phonebanking for the fall elections. I am excited and looking forward to being involved again. Lone Pony, I may be contacting you to help :-). Her blog is also where I snagged my quote of the week in my sidebar.

I'll be back to politics in a day or so :-).

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