Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Bush's Annapolis Speech

Bush's speech today was awesome. Here are some excerpts. The part where he talks about Corporal Starr was especially moving and inspirational to me.

"These terrorists have nothing to offer the Iraqi people. All they have is the capacity and the willingness to kill the innocent and create chaos for the cameras. They are trying to shake our will to achieve their stated objectives. They will fail. America's will is strong. And they will fail because the will to power is no match for the universal desire to live in liberty. (Applause.)

The terrorists in Iraq share the same ideology as the terrorists who struck the United States on September the 11th. Those terrorists share the same ideology with those who blew up commuters in London and Madrid, murdered tourists in Bali, workers in Riyadh, and guests at a wedding in Amman, Jordan. Just last week, they massacred Iraqi children and their parents at a toy give-away outside an Iraqi hospital.

This is an enemy without conscience -- and they cannot be appeased. If we were not fighting and destroying this enemy in Iraq, they would not be idle. They would be plotting and killing Americans across the world and within our own borders. By fighting these terrorists in Iraq, Americans in uniform are defeating a direct threat to the American people. Against this adversary, there is only one effective response: We will never back down. We will never give in. And we will never accept anything less than complete victory. (Applause.)

To achieve victory over such enemies, we are pursuing a comprehensive strategy in Iraq. Americans should have a clear understanding of this strategy -- how we look at the war, how we see the enemy, how we define victory, and what we're doing to achieve it. So today, we're releasing a document called the "National Strategy for Victory in Iraq." This is an unclassified version of the strategy we've been pursuing in Iraq, and it is posted on the White House website -- I urge all Americans to read it.

Senator Lieberman is right. Setting an artificial deadline to withdraw would send a message across the world that America is a weak and an unreliable ally. Setting an artificial deadline to withdraw would send a signal to our enemies -- that if they wait long enough, America will cut and run and abandon its friends. And setting an artificial deadline to withdraw would vindicate the terrorists' tactics of beheadings and suicide bombings and mass murder -- and invite new attacks on America. To all who wear the uniform, I make you this pledge: America will not run in the face of car bombers and assassins so long as I am your Commander-in-Chief. (Applause.)

Before our mission in Iraq is accomplished, there will be tough days ahead. A time of war is a time of sacrifice, and we've lost some very fine men and women in this war on terror. Many of you know comrades and classmates who left our shores to defend freedom and who did not live to make the journey home. We pray for the military families who mourn the loss of loves ones. We hold them in our hearts -- and we honor the memory of every fallen soldier, sailor, airman, Coast Guardsman, and Marine.

One of those fallen heroes is a Marine Corporal named Jeff Starr, who was killed fighting the terrorists in Ramadi earlier this year. After he died, a letter was found on his laptop computer. Here's what he wrote, he said, "[I]f you're reading this, then I've died in Iraq. I don't regret going. Everybody dies, but few get to do it for something as important as freedom. It may seem confusing why we are in Iraq, it's not to me. I'm here helping these people, so they can live the way we live. Not [to] have to worry about tyrants or vicious dictators_. Others have died for my freedom, now this is my mark."

There is only one way to honor the sacrifice of Corporal Starr and his fallen comrades -- and that is to take up their mantle, carry on their fight, and complete their mission. (Applause.)

We will take the fight to the terrorists. We will help the Iraqi people lay the foundations of a strong democracy that can govern itself, sustain itself, and defend itself. And by laying the foundations of freedom in Iraq, we will lay the foundation of peace for generations to come.

You all are the ones who will help accomplish all this. Our freedom and our way of life are in your hands -- and they're in the best of hands. I want to thank you for your service in the cause of freedom. I want to thank you for wearing the uniform. May God bless you all, and may God continue to bless the United States of America. (Applause.)"


Adam said...

can i just ask why there is a connection being made constantly being the events of 9/11 and the occupation in iraq? the terrorist organization didn't even get involved in the war until about half way through. before that it was merely insurgents who believed themselves to be patriotically fighting "the enemy". the "war" on terror is similar the war on drugs as it is a conflict that can never be won in any sense. any violence or operation we commit to is a jumping board for more hatred towards us. withdrawing from the conflict is not really a viable option either as we would be viewed as weak, ehich does count for something sadly. our country is caught in the proverbial rock and hard place.

ABFreedom said...

A lot of the funding came from Iraq, and there were terrorist camps in the north set up. I'm not even from the states and new that.... hmmm

I think President Bush is the greatest, a man that sticks by his word and doesn't back down. God Bless America!!

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

12 01 05

Well, Slmadam I was musing on quantum entanglement a few moments ago and realized that we are all connencted. The actions by the Taliban sent ripples throughout the world and we were silent about their human rights abuses for too long imho. But we also should have done something to Mr. Hussein who committed genocide last I checked. I simply don't agree with a ground war in Iraq and think there could have been more sanction imposing (they were getting squeezed) and other clever allaiances made with Iraq's neighbro, effectively trapping him inside to rot. But that isn't what happened. Oh well....:( Good post Ms. Chatterbox.

Rivka said...

O.K. then we should just hide under a rock as they pound us with nukes, and weaken our military communications in the process.That is the dem's answer, just hide and wait for destruction, then say a fox-hole prayer. Oh yeh, you can't pray out loud any more.
We are already viewd as weak. You know how? Because of what the DEMS have been saying.. like what you are saying. The minute you say.. "we should pull out" "we aren't winning", and you are a congressman, the enemy views us a weak. As soon as you say."We can't torture prisoners at Gitmo", they laugh at us as weak.

Slimadam, they view us as weak anyway because of the idiotic liberals in our country. They have totally aided and abetted the enemy, but only with words, so we can't try their stupid butts with treason.

Gayle said...

It's an excellent post, Miss Chatterbox! I believe we did the right thing by going into Iraq.

Slimadam is right. Giving concessions to terrorists only makes us look week in the eyes of the terrorists; and MSR is right too: The liberals are helping that cause along! Yeah, I wish we could get them for being traitors too!
Ab...So far you've always been right. Keep it up! :)

Eddie said...

Slimadam, our Country is much better off than if Hussein were still in power. I am sorry, but are you naive or ignorant enough to think if we hadn't invaded that the threats would have gone away? That there would be fewer terrorists than there are today? Give me a break.

Dionne said...

Thanks to all of you for responding to slimadam. I haven't had a chance yet so I appreciate the extra support.

Gayle: Welcome and thanks for your comments.

Dionne said...

Eddie: Thanks for visiting. I miss your blog.

Joubert said...

Thanks for posting that, LMC.

Adam said...

i would like to add that i have not said anyone in the world is or is not better off without hussein in power. i agree he should have been removed- perhaps the first time we were at war with iraq? instead of having left him in power for our own gain we wouldn't even be in this situation in the first place and that funding you speak of would be considerably less. the quantum enatglment thing made me laugh- yes we are all connected.
rebecca- iraq didn't have the capability to launch a nuke this far anyway.
gayle- way to look at both sides
eddie- i made my point without name calling, how bout you? ignorance can be bliss however.
LMC- didn't mean to start waves or make anyone angry on your blog. i apology if that is the case. but my opinion is just as valid and debating always need opposing views. just trying to keep it interesting.

James Manning said...


I have a post on what I thought of the speech and the 35-page document he produced. In a nutshell, it had a lot of holes in it. check it out and let me know what you think. also, i have a post on heroes inspired by your post.

Phantom_Driver, USNR, Ret. said...

Ahhhh.. the shills have discovered your blog. They get paid between 2 and 7 dollars per post. As they're paid provacateurs, there's no use to waste time to reason with them as they are paid by Liberal operatives to be unreasonable. See my archives for proof positive the Dems and Libs are hiring law students, professors, and pro writers to clog conservative blogs.

I simply delete the wretches and continue posting facts.

Arguing with them, is a waste of time and sends money their way.

The hell with them. They are NOT
the inquisitive or the simple minded Dem with a question.

Their lies are the same from blog to blog. Watch what happens and the name calling that will occur after my post here.

Read my Shill series of proofs (they're advertising on the DC edition of Craigslist) and then

Hooah, and Merry Christmas

Phantom Driver, Proud father of an American Soldier

Joubert said...

I agree, PD, I take no notice of them either. If I wanted to read liberal talking points I would read Kos or the other commies.

James Manning said...

So what you guys are saying is that the only thing you are interested in reading are comments of those that think as you think.

PD: I'm not sure if you are referring to me in that rant, but understand that I don't get paid to comment. I do this for the love of it. Also, even though I am on the left I actaully link conservative blogs on my blog. You see, I'm not afraid to engage in discussions with those that do not agree with me. And outside of a few rants now and again, I try to be respectful of those that disagree with me.

Maybe you are afraid of folks like me and that is why you delete comments that don't fit your narrow view of the world but I don't.

Why not go to my blog and present your facts rather than talking out the side of you neck and holding the Bush's sack becuase you don't know me kid, but this single comment tells me errthing I need to know about you. Holla.

Phantom_Driver, USNR, Ret. said...

I waste no time on shills. If you take offense to that, tough.

You'll not change your mind, and neither will I. It's a waste of time for both of us.

Phantom_Driver, USNR, Ret. said...

"....Why not go to my blog and present your facts rather than talking out the side of you neck and holding the Bush's sack becuase you don't know me kid,..

See? I was right about the insults starting. When they have no argument, they concede the argument by name calling. When exposed as shills, they have to retreat because an exposed shill has no chance at being believed or accepted.

(I love being right all the time)

James Manning said...

Whatever, dude. First, you were the first to come at me with that shrill thing and insuating things about my reasons for being on this blog without knowing the facts. So, you can come off of that right crap. Again, I present simple facts, if you want to go back and forth like this then be my guess, because I don't mind, trust me. Otherwise, be as your childish logic and speak when spoken to.

Fact, I come to this blog often and interact with LMC and outside of some rants, I've remained respectful to her even when I disagree with her. You, however, choose a childish approach to political discourse and clamp your hands over your ears and scream 'na na na nana'. So at this point, I'm going to treat you like a pimple on my shoulder and pop you off and forget you ever existed. Because I'm too grown for, kid. Now, be a good little boy and run along - oh, and the next time you see grown folks talking shut the f**k up.

James Manning said...

Sorry about this rant. I'm going to leave it alone. PD, feel free to leave comments on my blog so we don't fill up LMC's blog with this bull. You see, I won't delete your comments - because that's how grown men do it. Recognize.

ABFreedom said...

LMC - ever notice how LIEberals have to deflect the discussion off topic to some really old news item. They call themselves progressive but are stuck in the past.

The topic was about the fantastic speech by President Bush, and right out of the gate it had to be deflected because of the success of the speech. You know you have an excellent post when they do that, as they try to create the illusion of decent and disgust. There ultimate goal is not to see the success of the topic if it's not how they perceive it. That's why a lot of us delete and ban them as soon as they go into some obscure lala land in there own mind..... ;-)

James Manning said...


LMC knows that I don't come here to cause a rukus. Heck, I like her blog and I read it at least twice a week. So your assessment of me and trying to change the subject is so far from reality that I can't even see you. But, rather than go back and forth, why don't I just post my response to the speech and be done with it. At that point, you all can disect it all you want.

As posted on my blog:

You knew I would comment on Bush's latest speech. However, I didn't want to make an immediate response because I wanted ample time to deconstruct the speech and find the points that I agree with and disagree with. Well, after listening to the speech and replaying it on the Internet, I can say that it is the same speech repackaged for his military-type tour. The fact that his biggest applause came when he stated that be was "happy to provide the cadets with a good excuse to miss class..." is very telling.

The other thing I wanted to do is read the 35-page document they released called, "National Strategy for Victory in Iraq". I know experts will comb over the document and give their assessment but I feel that it is the responsibility of anyone who adamantly oppose or supports this war effort to read the document and form their own conclusion. You can get PDF version Click here.

The document outlays several strategies and tries do define victory in Iraq. The document is full of philosophical jargon but is short on specifics. It does state that as we build up the Iraqi security forces, American troops will stand down. However, there are no metrics for success. For example, exactly how many security forces and military brigades will it take to secure and country the size of Iraq? What level of operation readiness will an Iraqi soldier have to achieve before he can replace an American soldier? What is the time required for that soldier to reach that level of readiness? Most importantly, will the central government have control over the security force or will we leave it as it is now where the most qualified soldiers are part of sectarian militias more loyal to their region than they are to the government?

On the political side, the document simply relies on more participation from the Sunni population. Over the course of the year, the Sunni's have taken a bigger role in the political process and that is a good sign. However, the Kurds and the Shiites have shown that only with some arm twisting will they compromise. Time after time they have glossed over the sticking points of the power of the central government and revenue from oil. These issues are still not resolved and can be easily derailed by the increase in sectarian violence. This part is truly outside of the control of the United States so Bush is at the mercy of history and history has not served Iraq well in the past.

On the economic side, the document is truly lacking anything of substance. The Bush document stated that "more than 30,000 new businesses have opened, the country's economy is growing and per-capita economic output is up to nearly $1,000 per person per year. " This is at total odds with the GOA report that the document referenced. Oil capacity, a key to Iraq's economic success is at 1.9 billion barrels a day. That is far short of the 2.6 billion that they were producing several months ago. Electricity production, healthcare system, infrastructure and water production do not have the ability to sustain any economic growth in the country.

The document list a host of challenges but does not mention any strategy for dealing with those challenges. Again, the lack of metrics. What the American people want is to know how far along in the process are we to a defined goal. Is success Iraq producing 10 billion barrels a day or 5 billion barrels? How much electricity is required to note that the electrical grid is up to par to support economic growth? To say that their are challenges is an understatement. But what the Bush Administration produced was a campaign book that has more to do with the political difficulties here in the US than it does with the rebuilding of Iraq.

Honestly, for the Iraqi people sake, I hope this works out for them. It will take some time but for the Bush Administration to have the audacity to produce a 35-page document that entails the success of that country is silly idea. To date, the talking points have not worked and this won't work either.

My assessment is that Bush has once again dropped the ball. Until he is able to provide measures of success and define success outside of philosophical bullet-points, then America will continue to have to pour billions of dollars per month to cover his mistake.

ABFreedom said...

LMC - in SHORT what he was expecting was a defined outline of tactics semantics, cost, and a defined time line, which is reserved for military and politicians, and he's already said, 6 bazillion times, a timeline is NOT an option due to obvious reasons. The SPEECH was for the PEOPLE, and he had no intention of going into specifics.

So james read more into it then what was intended and is trying to analyze it to death with a full book report. If he had a military background, as he claims, he would know that, plain and simple.

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

12 01 05

Geesh! Ms. Chatterbox, I do believe your blog is a battleground LOL! Personally, I like seeing differences in perspective and it helps me to grow. I actually have changed perspectives upon the suggestion by other bloggers to do RESEARCH on certain topics and have learned. Other times, I stick to my guns though. PD: You did incite something when you used the term 'shill' as funny as it is;)
James and PD: No need to get defensive with one another.

I suppose this reflects the diversity in the blogging world. I like to blog to get exposed to different points of view AND points similar to my own. Others feel trapped like Red Guy In a Blue State's blog and his blog is more for commorodarie in approach. I suppose each blogger should make it clear what their approach is. Eddie made it very clear that he did not want his blog to be a debating ground for cons vs. libs. I, on the other hand enjoy stimulating debate. It is all about choice and perspective. But we should still be civil to one another. Ms. Chatterbox: Be proud that your post stirred up so many emotions:) !

Dionne said...

Wow!!!!! I leave for a couple of hours and my blog becomes a debate forum :-). I appreciate everyone's input. Thank-you Phantom & Abfreedom for your defense of Bush & the war. But I must come to James' defense. Even though he is a liberal he is a great guy. He has given me technical advice when I first started my blog and has been very respectful even in our debates.

I do think it is hard because I don't see anyone changing their minds. I love Bush & think the war on terror (wherever it may be) is about keeping America safer among other things. I have watched the movie "Black Hawk Down" several times and it is a powerful message on why we can't appease the terrorists. Capitulating only emboldens them. For those that don't believe in Bush or the war he'll never be able to do anything right. So for liberals their only option is to elect a democrat in '08 which I can only pray won't happen :-).

Dionne said...

Thanks Mahndisa. We must have been writing our comments at the same time.

Adam said...

mahndisa- i'd like to compliment you on being fair and balanced and willing to look at several sides once again. i myself am not in any category. i hate the classifications i keep coming across. why do we as people try to categorize everyone? liberal/conservative, democrat/republican, lefty,righty. sometimes they have they're place but to quote a movie (sorry) why can't we just be co-people? i am a very understanding person but do have high standards on choices and taking responsiblity for them.
i am not paid to do anything as james or i could be the target of such comments. and i would like to point out that while we should adhere to the idea of our commander in chief and the things he does, they do not require defense. it is our duty to question anyone in authority when we as indiviuals feel it necessary. it's when we start to blindly follow anyone person or idea that things are more susceptible to go bad.
chatterbox- obviously a nice post for all the reaction and i apologize again for picking out one part of the speech instead of talking about it as a whole.

Dionne said...

Slimadam: Thanks for your comments. Mahndisa does a better job of being fair and balanced than anyone else I know. But I will freely admit that I'm a rightwinger and proud of it :-).

Rivka said...

you crack me up. You are too nice! I know what you REALLY wanted to say! ha! But, really i do feel kind of bad in the way I approached slimadam. I normally would never say this.. But, she seems like a sweet person. If she is a she?? So i do apologize, i really wasn't criticising you as much as what you were thinking.

As for James,
i am in total agreement with chatter. I normally can't stand libs on my site who are obnoxious.
James has spoken his mind, but never has been disrespectful. He is a rather sweet guy, and funny I might add. Yes, there is a woody allen in him some where.
I am NOT KISSING UP.. I speak the truth. I will not bathe someone in compliments just to be sweet.
Sorry, i am not built that way.

Actually, it can be fun picking on one another for the heck of it.. My husband has 2 libs at work he is friends with, and man do they debate, but it is always in fun.

Tonight, we met up with them at a pizza place, and we had our son tell his lib friend what his favorite book was.. he said."HELP, MOM, THERE ARE LIBLERS UNDER MY BED!".. Then the lib looked at him and said.."Yes, and Hillary is in it, she is my favorite person. She will be president some day".. Kind of cracked us up, but we were just ribbing.
you gotta be light hearted some times. I really enjoy these libs because they are just neat people.
But we are at opposite ends in our ideology.

Rivka said...

sheesh,i just re-read my comment, and i wanted to break out in "Koombayah, my Lord, Koombayah"...HA!

Adam said...

did you just call me a 'she'?

Joia said...

Chatterbox, well aren't WE the controversial one lately? Goodness, anything I would've said has already been expressed much more eloquently than I'm capable of, so I'm left with nothing to do but gigle and point at you for starting such a fuss. Oh, and of course you know I'm enjoying the debate. You've certainly got some informed people stopping by on both sides of the aisle here! Thanks to all of you for giving me some very serious points to consider.

Oh, and Chatterbox? Behave yourself. Maybe your next post should be on something much more neutral that nobody ever debates: like gay rights or abortion.

James Manning said...

Thanks Rebe, Mahn and Chatter. I know I can rant and we rib each other but as much as I can't stand Bush I never try to disrespect ya'll. Actually, I like you ladies very much.

But for some reason this cat PD really irked. If I'm not mistaken, he invited me to his blog to speak my peace. Then goes and delete my comments even when I try to be respectful. Heck, I even apologized thinking that maybe he expected me to comment in a different post. But this dude goes on to say he has my ISP and my report me to my job. What kind of crap is that?

That's weak as far as I'm concerned. I don't know if he'll comment but dang - I'm trying to be cool. Heck, I've changed my position on issues after really getting to know the gist of things (I'm not changing my mind on Bush) But I even give Bush the benefit of the doubt at times.

I'm not even going to trip on abfreedom because his post are, well... nonsense.

Rivka said...

yes, because you have the word 'madam' in your name. Haven't been to your blog.

Rivka said...

Well, i agree. I must say I don't like it when others ditz on people. Reporting you to your work is going way too far. Sorry that happened. But, as you said, there are people on this blogging thing you have to watch out for. I hope he can't trace you down and find out where you work.

That is kind of scary. You never know who gets into these things. I am not saying the guy is nuts because I don't know him. As you know, there are crazies.
I was thinking the other day that it could be possible that someone tracks someone down and does something horrible. I know that sounds far fetched, but in this day and age, with all the wierd stuff people do, I wouldn't be surprised.

James Manning said...


You will be surprised at what people can find out about you by knowing your ISP. Just make sure you have a firewall and updated virus scan. There are other steps you can take but I may do a blog on how to protect your identity.

But honestly, there is only so much you can do because there are some people that can do some amazing things. But those type of people tend to focus on the big boys because you and I pose no challenge to them.

Dionne said...

I wanted to take the time to defend Phantom Driver. He has valiantly fought for our country and has a son in Iraq right now. He reminds me of a male Ann Coulter who speaks his mind and his comments are worth hearing. He doesn't like liberals on his site and I understand that. If I have any obnoxious liberals their comments will be deleted as well.

James Manning said...
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