Friday, September 19, 2008

Sean Hannity Interviews Sarah Palin--Part 2

Hannity told OneNewsNow that his interview with Sarah Palin will be a stark contrast from the grilling she received from Charlie Gibson of ABC News. The interview, he explained, is "not about me," but about her -- because she is, after all, the vice-presidential candidate.

"She's got a compelling story to tell," stated Hannity. "And to the extent she can say these things in her words -- where she stands, her values, her principles, where she goes to to make decisions -- that is what I'm going to try to let her say to the American people, unfiltered, without an agenda, without a bias, without playing 'gotcha,' in her own words. That's my goal."

Hannity says Americans will look back at 2008 as "the year journalism died." He contends reporters have asked tougher questions of Sarah Palin and her 17-year-old daughter the past few weeks than they have about Senator Obama's relationship with "an unrepentant terrorist" who bombed the Pentagon.

--Jim Brown of OneNewsNow reporting in, Hannity's interview with Palin on deck

Two of my favorite people sitting down to talk about the issues. It doesn't get much better than that. Also, Hannity summed it up well in his comments above to OneNewsNow.

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