Tuesday, September 02, 2008

American Idol Concert in KC!

I've been so excited about Sarah Palin that I haven't had a chance to talk about the American Idol concert. Last Friday night, my oldest daughter and I and 2 of our friends went to the American Idol concert here in KC at the Sprint Center. The only reason I was even interested in going was of course, David Cook.

I ended up enjoying it and having an even better time than I expected. Each of the top ten idols had a chance to sing some solo numbers and then there were 2 group songs. My friend and I agreed that there was a reason Chikezie and Ramiele were at the bottom of the pack. There was a big difference between their performances and the rest of the group. I enjoyed Carly, Brooke and Kristy Lee and felt that they had all improved since the show. Syesha and Jason just aren't my cup of tea and then there is David Archuleta. I just can't get over his immaturity issues. He can sing, and if I don't picture his face I do okay, but otherwise its hard to enjoy him.

My friend and I's favorites were definitely Michael Johns and David Cook. The crowd response dramatically changed when Johns came onto the stage after Ramiele and Chikezie. Johns has a great stage performance, he has an awesome voice and how can you not love the Aussie accent? I think he will do well and has similarities to Cook and Daughtry.

Then there is David Cook. He is the reason that both Friday and Saturday nights' concerts were sold out. Everywhere you looked people were wearing David Cook t-shirts. When he came onto the stage the crowd reaction was incredible and it didn't stop. Cook was moved by the fan support which just makes you love him all the more.

He said he had 2 apologies. One was for Michael Johns who mistakenly thought he was in Kansas ;-). The second was for him having to keep hiking his pants up because someone stole his belt the night before in Oklahoma City. He praised his Mom (she has to be incredibly proud) and he sang a hero song and dedicated it to his brother Adam, who has brain cancer.

Timothy Finn's conclusion to his review of the Saturday concert says it all:
"And as for David Cook: Part of him must be chomping at the bit to get this gig over with and move on to his own material, his own band, his own career. His hometown gave him a spectacular reception, but he also showed he has the talent and personality to make it big elsewhere. I'll be surprised if he isn't at least as big as Daughtry. And if he gets bigger, Saturday won't be the last time he rocks the Sprint Center."

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