Saturday, September 13, 2008

Joe Biden--The Gift that keeps on Giving!

Even "The Global Edition of the New York Times" admits that "Biden is living up to his gaffe-prone reputation". Lets just say that You Tube is not his friend. The Drive By Media has been so obsessed with trying to find some dirt on Palin that they've been ignoring all the obvious gaffes that Biden has been making. If Palin had made any of these, they would've been front page news. So, what has Biden done recently?

1) Biden asks a man in a wheelchair to stand up--This one is so hilarious, I literally thought someone was making it up until I saw the actual video myself.

2) He says Barack should've picked Hillary for VP instead of him--What on earth would possess him to say this? You'd think he'd be too arrogant to even think it.

3) Then we have just a couple of other Freudian slips such as these:
"The guy who, reading his vice-presidential acceptance speech from a TelePrompter, bungled McCain's name, calling him "George" ("Freudian slip, folks, Freudian slip," he explained).

The guy who, on the day Obama announced him as his running mate, referred to his party's presidential nominee as "Barack America" and noted that his own wife, Jill, a college professor, was "drop-dead gorgeous" but who, problematically, possessed a doctorate.

The guy who has said he is running for president (not vice president) and who confused army brigades with battalions. Who referred to his Republican vice-presidential opponent as the lieutenant governor of Alaska."

A friend of mine's husband called me the day McCain picked Sarah Palin. He predicted that something would happen where Biden would have to step down so that Obama could pick Hillary. At the time, I thought he was crazy, but since then Rush has mentioned it and I have thought it might be possible. Especially, when you have Biden saying it himself. It will be interesting to see what happens as the Obama ship continues to sink.

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