Friday, March 28, 2008

The National World War I Museum

My home school group and I visited and had a tour through Kansas City's National World War I Museum yesterday. It is the only World War I museum in the Western Hemisphere and it is here in KC.

I think World War I is the War that most of us know the least about. Our tour guide was a sweet, older man whose own father had fought in World War I.

We were amazed at the sacrifices the soldiers made during the war and the countless lives that were lost as the commanders figured out the correct strategy to win the war. It put today's loss of life in context. History always has a way of doing that. Which, IMHO, is why liberals should do a lot more studying of history.

As always it inspired me to do even more research and studying on World War I. If any of you have read any good books and/or have any good recommendations, please let me know.

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