Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Lost & Rational Liberals

So I had to buy this latest issue of TV guide. In case you hadn't figured it out by now I am a huge fan of the show Lost. And 1 guess on who my favorite character is by all the pics on my blog :-). Sawyer (Josh Holloway) is the bad boy on the show with the sweet heart. I also love Hurley, Kate, Jack and Locke too but Sawyer is my favorite.

I learned some fun things from the TV guide. The 1st episode of Season 3 which airs tonight is supposed to be awesome. Kate's cage gets moved next to Sawyer's and they said that they share a sweet reunion that will thrill fans who have been rooting for them to get together. Woo-hoo!! Within the first 6 episodes Kate is supposed to decide between Sawyer & Jack. On October 25th there is supposed to be a Sawyer centric episode. Josh Holloway doesn't even know yet who she is going to pick.

So a friend and I are getting together to watch this tonight. I am really looking forward to it. And I know Mr. Tastic and Wordsmith are and I can't remember but I think Joe is also a big fan.

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The past 2 posts have been on heavy topics and there has been a lot of debate. But I was so encouraged by liberal Dave's comment last night that he gets my first rational liberal award of the week today. He proved the exact point that I was trying to make and it was refreshing to hear someone from the other side of the aisle acknowledge it. Unlike Clinton he can interact with conservatives and be rational. Here was his comment:
"James, you know I am with you on a lot of issues. I too am a card carrying liberal. But on this case, I must side with LMC.

At least the GOP has whacked (no pun intended) the guy! Yes it might be a little late, but they did it. Do the Dems ever do that? It is one of the great mysteries of the Democratic party. Just how far do you have to go for the party to put you out, or demand your resignation?

I remember when Gingrich quit, his replacement had to leave over an affair before he ever got the job. Have the Dems ever held anyone in their party to that standard? I do not think so. Think Kennedy, Hart, Clinton, etc.

Should Hastert go too? Maybe so. Perhaps he was a little slow on this issue. Time will tell. At least Foley is gone and hopefully headed to cell block C, somewhere in the Federal system."

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