Thursday, October 12, 2006

Further news on LMC

Good evening, all. Joia here again for Little Miss Chatterbox.

Last night (Wednesday night) was pretty rough for Dee at the hospital. Aside from the usual mess of how miserable it is to try and sleep in a busy ICU unit, she was also just dreadfully sick all night. They put her on anti-nausea meds in the morning which helped a great deal, and even when she was sick there was no longer any blood coming up. So cauterizing that one ulcer seems to have stopped the bleeding, even if it has left her stomach very sore and sensitive (thus the pain and nausea).

Dee was moved out of ICU into a regular room this afternoon. The goal at this point is for her to be able to go home on Saturday to continue her recovery. The pain is still severe and the nausea will continue to be a problem, but hopefully by then she’ll be well enough to leave the hospital. Personally, I'm still amazed at how good things are going in this regard, particularly when taking into account how absolutely terrified we all were for her Wednesday morning.

I printed out all your comments and took them to the hospital today. She was very moved and asked me to make sure I thanked each and every one of you for your prayers and your concern. She said, “I guess it takes a situation like this to let me know how much I am loved!”

Dee also laughed at me for getting mixed up as to who is who, as I’ve apparently butchered some of the messages I was supposed to convey. So if you got a completely nonsensical reply from me at any point, just pretend I’m the one drugged up instead of Dee. ;-)

Again, thank you all for your prayers, your wonderful comments (which mean all the world to her!), and your concern. Lord willing you’ll have Dee back on her blog by Saturday or Sunday. Considering how mad she was getting at a campaign ad airing on her hospital TV yesterday, I’m sure she’ll have a lot to say when she returns.

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