Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Update on LMC

Just got an update from the hospital: Dee had several ulcers, one of which was causing all the bleeding. They've cauterized that and will be moving her out of ICU tonight. She will be spending tonight in the hospital and may be back home as early as tomorrow to recover. The doctors are hoping that the ulcer medication they give her will allow her to fully heal within two months.

This is obviously a huge answer to prayer, as there have been all sorts of dire causes running through our minds. We're awaiting biopsy results to be certain, but at this point the doctor is very optimistic about a speedy recovery.

Please continue to keep Dee in your prayers as she will still be experiencing pain and difficulty in getting around during her return to health.

Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers.

~ Joia for LMC

Edited to Add: I just got back from the hospital where I spoke to one of Dee's nurses who said that it was extremely unlikely that Dee will be released tomorrow. She is going to remain in ICU overnight and they'll re-evaluate her condition tomorrow.

On a more amusing note, in spite of how completely drugged up she was and how much pain she was in, what was distressing Dee the most tonight was the fact that she's missing tonight's episode of Lost!

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