Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Week of Dee & Other Highlights

For all of you Seinfeld fans out there you will remember the episode entitled "The Summer of George". George finds out that he gets a 3 month severance package from his job at the Yankees. He is excited to be able to enjoy the summer w/out having to work. So he calls it "The Summer of George". This upcoming week my kids are going to a Day Sports Camp. So I've entitled it "The Week of Dee" because I get a break from all 4 of my kids for a week. Since I homeschool that doesn't happen very often. In fact the only other time I think I've gotten that long of a break was when I went on a Missions trip and was responsible for teenagers. And technically I won't be getting a break this week because I have a bunch of house projects planned. But I'm just excited to be able to work on them without interruptions. As those of you with kids know, you never get to concentrate on anything for very long w/out getting interrupted. Thats why I usually write on my blog late at night. All that to say I'm looking forward to this week. It will probably be light blogging this week too because of working on my house and I've got political phonecalls and meetings this week at night again.


I think I'm going to start a new tradition on my blog of having an inspirational post, quote, movie etc. of the week. This week I have an inspirational post of the week. Patrick wrote a post reflecting on my Winston Churchill quotes and a comment I had made. He wrote a lot of biography stuff about him and even some of his own memories of events. Churchill is a very inspirational man and I found the post just as inspirational and encouraging. I reflected on it last night while watching Fox pundits talk about W's low poll numbers. It gave me a lot of hope on how history will view W. Churchill got turned out of office after his courage during World War II so the people of the time don't always get it right. Fifty years from now I will tell my grandchildren how I was in the minority at the time but I was right :-))). Go check it out. It is entitled, "Winston Churchill".


I think the guys over at Blogs 4 Bauer felt sorry for me that I didn't take first place in the Fox Awards :-). Here is what they said in giving me "The Jack Bauer Thinks You're #1 Award":
"Little Miss Chatterbox recaps the season finale for 24, Prison Break, and Alias. Her recap also notes her losing out on a Fox Award. She has been Jack Bauer's biggest fan this season and deserves something more than a little Fox award. LMC you have won The Jack Bauer Thinks You Are #1 Award, presented by Bill Buchanan (Jack Bauer doesn't have time for awards)."

This put a big smile on my face--thanks guys!!!


Please go check out this moving tribute to our brave men and women at Focus on the Family. They have it set up so you can listen to it right away. I am listening to it right now and the tears are flowing. Go here to listen!!

I wish I had time to do a post worthy of our men and women who have sacrificed and given their lives on our behalf. But Bushwack has done some great posts recently honoring our military. Here they are: Terrific Tribute's , Serving America, You Gotta Love the Marines & Armed Forces Day.

Other great posts for Memorial Day:
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