Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A.K.A. Miss Congeniality & My Football Diversion

Unfortunately, I did not get 1st or 2nd place in the Fox Awards. But I did get 3rd place and got awarded the title of Miss Congeniality!!! Since I love that movie I was kind of excited to get that title! Thank-you to all of you who voted for me and even those that tried to vote twice ;-)!! Little Orange Fox was clever enough to set it up not to allow more than one vote per person but I was honored that some tried on my behalf :-)!!

I know most of my readers are into politics and not TV/Pop Culture. But since I am into both you'll have to indulge me from time to time when I need to post on TV and/or movies. People complain when Rush takes a diversion from politics and talks about football but it has to be done from time to time. So allow me to talk about my "football diversion".

I've actually dumped some of my of my shows partly because of time and some because of too much political correctness. I've abandoned all the Law & Orders and the CSI's. One of the reasons I loved Law & Order is during the beginning seasons they were very justice oriented and not politically correct. That is no longer the case. They did several episodes where a murder was committed by someone who was supposed to be the spitting image of a real-life conservative. They made these people out to be despicable. It really upset me. They did shows mocking Bill O'Reilly, Rush, Curtis Sliwa and Chuck Norris. I had finally had it and said good-bye. In regards to CSI I just lost interest. I like shows more that have one episode connect to another. Law & Order and CSI were new characters and themes every week and I'm not as big on that. I have also lost interest in Fear Factor which was good because it wasn't on much this year. I guess they are going to be airing some this summer but I won't be watching.

So what did I watch this year? These were the biggies that I'm going to talk about:
Prison Break, 24, Alias, Survivor and Amazing Race.


Prison Break is my favorite NEW show!!! It is awesome. The season finale was very, very good. Even if I was traumatized by T-bag losing his hand. The genius of this show is how they make you love even the bad guys. The only other show I know that can do this is Alias. I love all the characters and it has a lot of twists and turns like 24. Wyatt did an awesome post summing up the season finale.

24 also had a good season finale. My husband saw it before me since the Alias series finale was on at the same time. He warned me that I was going to be very unhappy with the episode. So I sat there contemplating what could possibly go so wrong that I would be really upset. Then when I watched it and nothing too terrible happened I was like, what??? My husband thought I would be upset about Jack getting kidnapped by the Chinese. Give me a break!! If anyone can escape from the Chinese its Jack Bauer. I'm not worried, he'll find a way out. He always does.

I loooooooooved how Martha & Jack got her weasal husband to confess to all his crimes. Jean Smart did an awesome job this year playing the psycho wife of the Weasal President Logan. I was so glad to see him finally go down. And I loved how she smiled as Logan was taken away. I have to admit I was shocked by the shooting of Christopher Henderson but not upset. I loved Pierce's character this season also.

Favorite quote from last week's episode: (This is Martha Logan talking to her Weasal husband)"If I wasn't so horrified by the fact that I married you I might be impressed."

Alias had an awesome series finale. In fact I'm not sure I've ever seen a series end so well. For example there was so much hype surrounding the end of Seinfeld and then I was so disappointed in the finale. So it was with great pleasure to see Alias go out on such a good note.

I watched it with a friend and there was a lot that we enjoyed about it. We were pretty upset when we thought they might kill Marshall. Sooooooo
glad they kept Marshall & Dixon alive and I even liked how they brought
Marshall's wife back into it and they had this techie-geek connection where
she would know his secret messages. Very cool.

I loved how they had showdowns between Vaughn & Sark, Sydney & her mom and
Sloane and Jack. I thought it was pretty ironic that Sloane figured out how
to live forever only to be trapped forever. Now thats hell!!! And my friend
brought up how Jack ensured by trapping Sloane that Sydney & Isabelle would be safe.
I was kind of sad though that her mom was ultimately more evil than good and
that Sydney lost both her parents in one day. But I think in order for it
to be realistic her mom had to be evil, that was her nature.

I loved how Isabelle called Dixon Uncle Dixon--very cool!! And I also
liked that Sydney still did some CIA work, it was what she was meant to do
and if they had her get completely out it wouldn't have been right.

I cried when Jack was dieing. I wish they had kept him alive but I loved how they showed all his good points in this episode. He died protecting his daughter and grandaughter. I also noticed that the scene where Sydney is holding his wound and crying was EXACTLY like the scene when Dixon got shot in season 1. Her hair, clothes everything was the same. It was pretty remarkable to me, like deja vu or something. Jennifer Garner crying makes you really believe something is happening. I told my friend that thats how Sydney would've cried if Vaughn had really died earlier in the season. That was one of the main reasons I knew Vaughn wasn't dead because of her reaction.

And the ending was so great with Vaughn and Sydney married on the beach w/2 kids and one named after her dad. Cool!!

Favorite quotes from last week's episode: (A guy is talking to Sydney about some evil people)Guy--"You can't stop them!" Sydney--"You don't know me very well."
(Vaughn talking to Dixon about Marshall) Vaughn--"Do you know what he's talking about?" Dixon--"About 50% of the time."

Another friend has a great post on the final episode also.

Survivor can sometimes be a frustrating show to watch. Often the person who wins is not really the most deserving in my opinion. There have been many seasons where I have been unhappy with the winner. The couple exceptions were when Ethan won Survivor Africa, Rupert and Amber both won Survivor All-Stars and when Tom won a recent Survivor. This season's Survivor Exile-Island came up with another un-deserving winner. My kids and I loved Terry and that he was able to make it to the final three with his ethics intact. We were bummed that Aras won instead of Terry.

Amazing Race made us feel a little better after the disappointing winner in Survivor. The Hippies won and thats who my kids and I were cheering for most of the season. They seemed to take most things in stride and were pretty happy and kind the majority of the time.

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