Saturday, May 20, 2006


I have a million hot button issues I would love to post on but am overwhelmed by my real life right now. I feel like I'm being torn in many different directions. Next week will be crazy too but the week after that all my kids are going to a day Sports Camp at my church. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to that and how excited I am. It will be the first time all my kids can go to something like that for the majority of the day and I will get a break. Hopefully then I can get back to some of my deeper posts.

Tomorrow Monica has an end of the year baton performance, I'm in charge of a Republican phonebank and we need to go to a graduation party. And saturday is supposed to be my recoup day. Also, next week Monica is going to be taking a standardized test. For those of you who pray, please pray for her and me. When you homeschool you tend to feel responsible for how your kids do academically so I'm a little nervous.

Anyway, now I'll explain the reason for the pic of Colin Farrell. I just recently watched "The New World" with him in it. I figured all of us blogging chicks would enjoy the pic. I was EXTREMELY disappointed in the movie and its ending but Colin looks great w/long hair.


I was sorting thru papers today and came across some articles that are worth your time. The first one is about the genocide in Darfur. It is entitled "World Must End Tragedy Now" by Peter Makori.

The second is about an issue here in Missouri. The Missouri Congress has just passed a bill that says Voter ID's are mandatory for voting. But guess who is screaming that it will disenfranchise voters? The democrats!! I don't get this, you have to have a photo id to write a check. Who doesn't have a photo id???? Democrats are claiming that 175,000 Missourians don't have photo ids. I find that hard to believe but most of them must be people in nursing homes that probably aren't able to vote. To read the KC Star article on this go here.

Third, George Will wrote an awesome opinion piece on John McCain. He points out that McCain might have trouble taking the presidential oath since he seems to think the constitution is flexible. Remember his statement that clean government is more important than the 1st Amendment? His article is entitled "Just What Does McCain Mean?"

Fourth, The Washington Post's Howard Kurtz had this to say about Tony Snow's first press conference:
"He showed more emotion in 60 seconds than Scott Mclellan did in 3 years."
Isn't that the truth?

And finally a great cartoon by Michael Ramirez.

Oh, and don't forget to vote for me in the Fox Awards. I've lost my lead and need your help :-).

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