Wednesday, July 30, 2014

My Summer TV Shows!

--It used to be that summertime was the time to watch re-runs.  Yet, in recent years, cable stations and the major networks now air new shows during the summer.

Gang Related on FOX
--This is probably my favorite show this summer.
--The main character, Ryan Lopez is played by Ramon Rodriguez.  He does an amazing job at mesmerizing his audience, and he's also hot!
--The following is Rodriguez's opening line to the show and describes what the show is about:
My name is Ryan Lopez. After my parents died, the Acostas and Los Angelicos took me in and raised me as one of their own. To protect them, I was asked to go undercover as a member of the LAPD. Now I must walk the line between cop and criminal without being exposed.
--Cliff Curtis and Terry O'Quinn also do a phenomenal job.

Murder in the First on TNT
--I am a Taye Digg's fan, so I thought I'd check the show out.  Diggs and Kathleen Robertson do a great job.  Robertson has grown up since her 90210 days, and is compelling.

--It is a murder show that has a continuing theme, which makes it more interesting than a CSI or Law and Order show.

The Last Ship on TNT
--I'm a HUGE fan of Eric Dane's, who played McSteamy on Grey's Anatomy.  So, thats what led to checking out this show.  I'm a little behind on the episodes, but so far it's good.

The Sixties on CNN
--I realized recently that most of what I know about the 60's (since this was before I was born) is from what I've read.  I haven't seen a whole lot of video of that time period.

--I happened to watch video of right before and after Robert Kennedy was assassinated and learned a lot I didn't know.  It made me curious to watch more from the 60's. I then stumbled across this series and knew I needed to start watching it.

--I am behind on these episodes as well, but what I have seen has been fascinating.  I'm learning a lot.


Mike's America said...

"I realized recently that most of what I know about the 60's (since this was before I was born) is from what I've read."

Subtle way to rub it in!

Dionne said...

LOL, I really didn't mean too, I was just being honest.