Monday, July 21, 2014

Thousands Protest Rape of 6 yr old Girl in India

The show of solidarity surpassed anything Bangalore has seen in the recent past. Perhaps Anna Hazare's protest at Freedom Park three years ago came close. But this march was far stronger, much bigger and more emotional. It was the middle-class Bangalorean — anguished, scared and frustrated — seeking justice for a child the adult world had let down.
--Thousands protested in India this past Saturday over the delay by the police and the school in dealing with the rape of a 6 year old girl.

--The girl was raped while she was at school, allegedly by 2 teachers.  There are reports that the school tried to cover it up.

--The police did finally arrest one of the suspects.  The teacher who was arrested had been taking pictures of children, and police are looking into 4 other instances of abuse.  The school has a lot of questions to answer since they didn't verify the teacher enough before hiring him.

--The little girl was further traumatized by being put through 2 rounds of medical tests.

--India has taken a tougher stance on rape in the past 18 months, but India still has a rape problem.
Thousands of people swept through the streets of New Delhi in spontaneous protests after the December 2012 bus rape, demanding protection for women. The victim became “the daughter of the entire nation,” said Sushma Swaraj, now the country's foreign minister.

Much has changed in the 18 months since then — harsher laws against rape, increased media focus on sexual violence, new police units dedicated to helping women. But a gang rape last week that left two teenage cousins dead, their corpses hanging from a village mango tree, has revealed the immense gulf that remains in India. In a nation that can at times appear convulsed with outrage over a culture of sexual violence, there are plenty of occasions when it seems little has changed at all.

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