Thursday, May 03, 2007

It's Official, LMC is a Radio Talk Show Host

This past February I was contacted by someone from Christian Financial Radio Network about hosting a weekly radio show. They were bought by Togi Entertainment so the Executive VP followed up with me. At that time we talked and it looked pretty likely that when they got things running I would be hosting an internet radio show. I sent them my resume and some items from my blog.

Yesterday, I was contacted by Togi Entertainment and they confirmed that I will be hosting my own show starting around the first week of June. To start out I will do a one hour weekly show but as things progress it will probably move to a longer show more times a week. There is also the possibility of me doing a show in the future critiquing TV and movies.

Here is a description of Togi Entertainment:
A multi-media company that focuses on quality entertainment in all areas of publishing, movies, music and broadcasting.

Their corporate motto is:
Politics, Lifestyle and Entertainment for heart, mind and soul.

I'm pretty psyched but would appreciate your prayers and ideas. I have to come up with a name for my show so leave your suggestions in the comments. I will also be having guests and callers so I hope all of you will be eager to participate :-).

I will let you know all the specifics when I have them such as days and times.

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