Friday, May 18, 2007

First Vinyl

I wanted to do a fun post today so I finally decided to do BWH's Vinyl meme. He wanted us to post the album cover of the very first album we ever bought. I can't remember for sure exactly which one was first but I do remember a series of albums that I bought the year I turned 13. I had gotten my first tape player and my dad still believed in buying the records and taping them onto tapes so you'd have 2 copies.

I have fond memories of Def Leppard and I still listen to them today. I remember my first junior high slumber party and we played their Pyromania record over and over again, ate pizza and made prank phone calls. It was also the first time there was some peer pressure to smoke but I said no!!

Since I always have to alter meme's just a little I decided to post several album covers that I remember from that year. What teen girl didn't love the Go Go's Beauty and the Beat? They weren't popular much past the early 80's but they had some hit songs that we all loved.

I can proudly say that when I bought Thriller it was the one and only time I spent money on a Michael Jackson album. This was back when he sang great and appeared to act and look fairly normal. Unfortunately, it was all downhill after this.

I couldn't believe that my kids didn't realize he was black because the first time they saw him was when he was on trial a couple of years ago. I had to dig up a picture from this era to show them what he used to look like.

The other main album I remember was The Very Best of Air Supply. Anyone who is interested jump on the bandwagon and let us know what your first album was, if you are brave enough, how old you were and any other fun details.

For those of you who need my daily dose of politics, go here to read what I wrote about Tony Blair.

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