Friday, December 02, 2005

Favorite TV Shows

Mahndisa did a post awhile back on favorite Tv shows. I meant to do one right after her and I had to go out of town and other more pressing subjects came up so it was delayed. Since I have a nightmare weekend ahead of me (between my 4 kids we have gymnastics, karate, 2 birthday parties and choir rehearsal tomorrow). Plus my youngest son is having his 6th Birthday party on sunday and somewhere in between all of this I'm supposed to put my tree up and decorate my house. I get tired just thinking about it. Anyway all of this to say I wanted to post a light, fun subject for the weekend.

I must confess that after being a political news junkie I am also into movies and TV and pop culture. I am fairly selective but my interests range from "Legally Blonde" to "Black Hawk Down" so go figure. In college everyone tried to figure out how I could be into Harley Davidsons and Precious Moments at the same time. I have varied interests. I've also noticed that between my 2 daughters they make up my complete personality. The older one is the "precious moments" side of me and the younger one is definitely the "Harley Davidson" side of me :-). Coincidentally we named the younger one Harley so what did I expect :-)?

All that aside here are some of my favorite TV shows from the past and present. Let me know what some of your favorites are.

TV Shows

1) Little House on the Prairie (oldie but goodie, whenever life is bad put a LHOP episode in and everything is right with the world :-))
2) Alias (Love this show, wish I could be Sydney :-))
3) 24 (Gotta love Kiefer Sutherland)
4) That 70's Show (I just started watching the reruns of this lately and it is hilarious. I have never watched a show that made me laugh as much.)
5) Seinfeld (my favorite comedy, all of my friends know that I consider EVERYTHING in life relates to a seinfeld episode, and it is amazing how many times it comes up)
6) Survivor (yes I'm into some reality shows, my kids and I actually watch this together)
7) ER
8) Dawson's Creek (Okay so I have to confess I like some of the melodrama :-))
9) Fear Factor (my daughter and I would to like to go on this show)
10) Roswell (Most of you have probably never heard of this show. One of my very close friends got me hooked on watching all 3 seasons of this. The 1st season is awesome and then they torture you in seasons 2 & 3. Despite all the torture it was still a great show :-).

I have more but those will do for now. Let me know your favorites. I think we are always surprised at what shows we think people will like and then what they actually do like.

P.S. I must admit that it was a lot of fun everytime I came to my blog yesterday and saw my title from that post "Hillary Clinton can kiss my butt" :-).


James__Manning said...
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James Manning said...
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James Manning said...
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Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

12 02 05

Whoa: were you hit by trolls tonight? Hey Ms. Chatterbox, you sound like you have a lot of stuff to do in the upcoming days so good luck! Thx for mentioning my blog:) I already Star Trekked everyone to death, and you know I am a total Star Trek fannnnnnnn!!!! But, 24, well Keifer Sutherland is one of the ah sexiest men alive, imho. I just can't help it; I always liked older men and gruffy looking ones who have lived bit of life at that! About Harley's now that is interesting! My husband was a Honda CBR fanatic until the thing got too old and water damaged over the years. There is nothing like taking a ride, especially on a spring or autumn day in the country. I do miss that...My husband has to get another bike. Money money money though.. That will have to wait until we have our garage lab done. I don't think I have blogged too much about that, but it is a dream in the making now. He does his computer networking and software design there now, but ultimately we wanna have apparatus fabrication and other goodies in there.. Oops, I ramble! Have a great weekend and try to relax sometime!!!

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

12 02 05

Oh, I saw that you deleted James's comments. I wonder what he said that was so offensive? Oh well, no need to dwell since you deleted it; I am being nosy now. Sorry and have a good night!

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

Mahndisa: I had to delete the first comment and then James' 2 responses didn't make sense so I just deleted them all so people wouldn't be confused.

Great to hear about the motorcycles. We had one but my husband accidentally set it on fire and almost burned the house down. Very memorable event :-). We haven't had the money either since then to get a new one.

James Manning said...

Manh, it's cool that she deleted those comments. I'll keep my rants on my own blog because she doesn't deserve to see this crap.

As for TV shows:

24 is the best, I love Alias but stopped watching it when the moved it from Sunday. Jack Bower is the man and President David Palmer is a hero (too bad he isnt' real).

Never got into That 70's Show, but I'm feeling My Name is Earl. It's a funny show but I haven't gotten a chance to see it often.

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

James: Thanks for understanding!!

I love David Palmer so much. I told my husband that if in real life he was a Republican I would vote for him in a heartbeat. He just comes across as so presidential & he always does the right thing. Too bad more politicians aren't like him in real life.

Revka said...

O.K. Chatter,
Here is my list:
1). Hannity and Colmes
2). Greta Van Susteren
3). O'Reilly factor
4). American Idol (Moves to #1 when the season starts, and it drives my husband crazy. He hates the show!).
5). Cspan
(I am obsessive a little??)

I don't watch t.v. shows or sitcoms. I liked the old ones like the carol burnett show, and Sanford and sons, and Mash, (But now i would never watch old mash reruns because of MIKE FARRELL and ALAN ALDA-wacked out libs).

My husband and I want to start watching 24. What night and time and channel is it on?

My husband's favorite is Seinfeld. He loves it. I am not into it though. I think it is funny, but I don't like the sitcoms now a days.

I used to LOVE Ally McBeal, but when they changed it to having a more sexually explicit show, i quit watching it. That was a shame. It was so hilarious at first.

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

Unfortunately 24 doesn't start up again until January. But I think you guys would enjoy it. Rush even likes the show.

The Exile said...

You mean that there are other channels besides The History Channel, FOX News & Nickolodeon? Between my daughter and me, you could get rid of the rest and we'd never notice. I'm sorry, but if I can't learn anything from the program I'm watching, it's worthless drivel.

I do want to thank you for pointing out the link to that troll's blog. Now he has no choice but to debate me in front of his own people or delete my comments. Either way, he loses. Why do you think trolls never leave a trail back to their lair?

You said that it probably wasn't worth my time. It was probably the best Christmas present I'll get this year.

Trolls love to invade your territory, but they never leave a trail back to theirs, because they are terrified of debating you on their own territory.

James Manning, whose rants you had to delete, is one of Mr. Sorenson's (aka the troll) ilk, and frequent commentors.

Patrick Joubert Conlon said...

LMC, I can't believe you watch Fear Factor and even want to be in it! I might have liked it but I just can't stand the host guy whose name I don't know. I mean, would you eat scorpions?

The only network show I watch anymore is Medium which is far-fetched but fun.

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

Patrick: Years ago when I first saw the advertisements for it I thought I wouldn't even be able to watch it let alone wanting to be on it (which will never happen for various reasons). But as a kid I had a lot of fears and lived in fear in a lot of ways until I was an adult and I started learning how to face them. For me being on the show would be to prove to myself that I could face my fears. But the problem is after facing the physical challenges I could do the sitting in snakes or other things but I wouldn't be able to do the eating thing. I have a strong gag reflex and I'm a picky eater so the eating thing would never work for me.

James Manning said...

@ the exile - I'm not sure what you are referring to. I clicked on the link and I believe I've comment on the blog for the first time this past weekend. I actually have no idea what that blog is about because I haven't gotten a chance to read it.

but I'm a long way from a troll. You are welcome to my blog and debate teh topics any time. I welcome all. And after that little thing with PD, I'm just going to respond to post like this with kindness and move on. Have a good day.

On Topic: Can't wait for 24 to start back. I thought they were going to replace Jack Bower. I was worried because I'm not sure who could have racked up the body counts in such a ruthless manner as Jack did. Hopefully, they will find a way to insert David Palmer into the mix. I also want to see Tony come back.

I may have to wait to see it on DVD. I tis hard to watch television when my 3 yr old wants to play the second I walk in the house.

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

James: There is no way 24 goes on without Jack Bauer. Thats like having Alias without Jennifer Garner. Not happening.

I too want Tony & David Palmer back this season. I looooved how they brought David Palmer back in last season. That VP that took over was such a wimp and Palmer came in to save the day. Gotta love it.

I don't watch TV until my kids are in bed so I usually have to tape most of my shows. I'm about ready to get DVR & I've heard thats even easier.

James Manning said...

Same here LMC, I'm going to order a digital recorder and just watch everything after 9pm. I have free tim on Sunday morning but only because I forgo church to watch the Bears. Once the season is over then I'm back to church (And, Lord, I promise to be back in church as soon as the football season ends)

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

James: My husband is a youth pastor so he can't skip church for football. But he is on 2 fantasy football teams so football is on at our house all the time.

Little Miss Chatterbox said...

James: When 24 is on again you need to go to Dave Barry's blog: He writes a hilarious commentary on the show each week. It is very funny.