Tuesday, August 05, 2008

My Republican Primary Picks!

Today is election day and these are my picks. I was actually leaning towards Kenny Hulshof for Governor up until recently. I talked to a State Representative whose opinion I respect and he gave some convincing reasons on why he switched from Hulshof to Steelman. I agreed and so I'm pulling the lever for Steelman today. No matter who wins though, either candidate will be a great conservative to take on Jay Nixon in the fall.

Governor--Sarah Steelman

Lieutenant Governor--Peter Kinder

Treasurer--Brad Lager (unopposed)

Attorney General--Mike Gibbons (unopposed)

Clay County Western Commissioner--Bonnie Sue Cooper (unopposed)

Clay County Eastern Commissioner--Katee Porter

Clay County Treasurer--Bill Doores (unopposed)

Clay County Assessor--Mike Ebenroth

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