Monday, October 15, 2007

My Letter to Bill O'Reilly about the Michael Devlin Case

To Bill O'Reilly:

I am a regular watcher of your Tv show and 70% of the time I love your passion and agree with what you have to say. Yet, one issue that I have had a problem with from the start was your questioning of the victim, Shawn Hornbeck. It distressed me at how you questioned and almost blamed him for not escaping earlier.

Now that the details have come out of the torture he endured (even his defense attorneys were horrified at having to watch the videotape of Devlin torturing Shawn) and the "deal" he made to stay alive I think you owe Hornbeck and his family an apology. I see you as a stand up guy who has done so much for the children and I applaud your courageous stand on Jessica's law and your willingness to go after states who aren't passing one.

I live in KC, Missouri so I have followed this issue on my blog and look forward to your response.

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