Thursday, February 01, 2007

Lost, Prison Break & 24


How can you not love Sawyer's humor in this clip? This is a short preview of a future Lost episode where Sawyer is giving Jin advice. Jin is just learning how to speak English and so Sawyer is teaching him the 3 most important phrases to say to a woman.
1) I'm sorry!!

2) You were right!

3) Those pants don't make you look fat.

That about sums it up ;-)!! I can't wait until February 7th.


Prison Break was awesome monday night. I almost feel sorry for Bellick being in prison but not quite, considering all of the evil he did while he was a guard there. I'm still in awe of T-bag setting him up.

Its almost too hard to believe how clever Michael is at times until you remember that he's supposed to be a genius. How did he have that 12 step manual memorized to give Sarah the clues? Pretty impressive and not bad on her part considering that she was able to figure it out.

It was pretty enjoyable seeing Asian dude lose his cool. Mahone aka Alan Colmes doesn't like being accountable now that Michael revealed how out of control he is. I like the fact that Michael and Linc were able to get some of the truth out whether anyone believes it right away or not.

Surely, Kellerman doesn't believe the President is telling him the truth but we won't find out till next week. When we will also see Sarah and Michael get together for awhile at least. Yah!!


Well, anyone who has seen ER knows what a jerk Paul McCrane's character Romano was who now plays Jack's brother Graem on 24. He was completely obnoxious, extremely insensitive to co-workers and patients and he sexually harassed women. So I hate to admit it but seeing Jack torture him for information wasn't all that painful for me. Especially, since you know that he is an evil man on the show who hasn't hesitated to be a part of setting off nuclear bombs. Actually, I guess that probably ranks higher than being a complete jerk on ER :-). By the way has McCrane ever played a nice guy?

On to the White House where Wayne still just can't measure up to his brother David IMHO. He's not as bad as Logan but not all that impressive either. I wasn't Karen's biggest fan but I also don't think she should have let Lennox aka McBeal Weenie blackmail her. I would've told him to bring it on.

Next stop is Gitmo where I hate it when whiners like Sandra Palmer are accidentally right.

At the end when Jack, Graem aka Romano and their dad are all together something hit me. The dad and Romano were both on ER together once. The dad played a Catholic priest who was dying and Romano was his normal jerky, surgeon self. Makes you think of that whole 7 degrees of Kevin Bacon or something like that. Next week looks awesome!!

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Finally, I don't know whether this is a good thing or not but guess what Stephen King's 3 favorite shows are? You guessed it, Lost, Prison Break and 24. I don't know whether that means I have good taste or not :-). The only King book/movie that I love is "The Shawshank Redemption".

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