Friday, February 02, 2007

LMC--Mouse Killer

We had a funny event happen at our house today and it reminded me of a similar event that happened years ago so I decided I would share both of them.

I'm not sure how old my oldest 2 kids were at the time but they were probably around 3 & 4 years old. They came running upstairs from the basement screaming that there was a mouse downstairs. First of all I totally didn't believe them. Second, I figured by the time I got down there if there was a mouse he would be long gone. I was surprised to be wrong on both counts. There was a mouse and he was sitting in the middle of the room.

I panicked and wasn't sure what I should do. Somehow I got the kids to get me a small box and I trapped the mouse under it. I then proceeded to call my husband and everyone I knew to see if they had any suggestions on what to do with a mouse. No one had a good idea. So what did I do? I moved the box with the mouse under it into the garage and then sprayed (through a small hole) wasp killer. I sprayed a lot because I figured I would try to fumigate it. I put something heavy on top of the box and left him in the garage for my husband to deal with when he got home. My husband got home to find the mouse dead under the box completely drenched with wasp spray :-).

Today my 3rd child (who had no memory of the first event) came running into the living room to tell me there was a mouse in the kitchen. Again I'm thinking she is just seeing things. Sure enough I come in there and amazingly again the mouse is still hanging around. It is hiding behind a door pillow that we have to keep the cold air from coming in. My oldest son sees it peeking its nose out from behind it. My oldest daughter and my youngest son are both hiding in my daughter's bunk bed. My 10 yr. old son is trying to help me figure out what to do.

Once again I call my husband and he doesn't have any good ideas but I manage to scream into the phone as the mouse starts to run out from behind the pillow. My biggest concern at this point is the mouse will escape without us being able to kill it. Amazingly it runs into my daughter's back pack and we can see it moving around in there. I clamp the back pack down and my husband (who had just gotten home) zipped the back pack up. What do we do with it? My husband decides to take it to a dumpster and dump it back pack and all. I told my daughter I would buy her a new back pack. By the time they got to the dumpster on their way to karate the mouse was already dead. Probably from part heart failure/suffocation ;-)!!

The saga didn't end there. My son goes downstairs to find that there is another mouse (I know it has been cold but come on already). So then my kids are freaking out trying to figure out how they've gotten into the house and how much can they climb. Instead of downplaying things my husband assures them the mouse can make it to anywhere in the house including their bedrooms. Nice!! So my 10 yr. old son keeps going downstairs in his boxers and safety glasses on to shoot the mouse with his bee bee gun. Bed time comes and still we haven't gotten the 2nd mouse and we threw away all our mouse traps because its been so long since we've had them.

Needless to say my 9 yr. old daughter who has her bedroom downstairs isn't sleeping down there tonight. My 12 yr. old daughter assured me that she won't be able to sleep tonight. Not because she's worried about the mouse getting to her but because she's convinced he's going to chew up her stuff!!

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