Monday, February 19, 2007


As many of you know I am a big history and war movie buff. My husband and I watched Flyboys this past weekend.

It is based on the Lafayette Escadrille which was a group of American pilots that fought in World War I. Here is a brief summary about them:
"The Lafayette Escadrille (LE) was made up of American pilots based in France that fought against the Jagdstaffeln of Germany prior to the United States entry into World War 1. Originally called the Escadrille Americaine, this group is perhaps as well remembered for their actions in the officer's club, as their success in the skies.

The Lafayette Escadrille had 38 American pilots that rotated to other squads within the Lafayette Flying Corps, a part of the French Air Service. In all, 65 Lafayette Escadrille and Lafayette Flying Corps members perished during the air war effort over France. The Lafayette Escadrille was formed in April 1916 and carried the cause of freedom to skies over western Europe until the squadron was absorbed by the United States Air Service in 1918."

James Franco did a wonderful job as one of the main pilots. He has also starred in 2 other movies that I love, Annapolis and The Great Raid.

It was a great movie and I recommend it if you like war movies based on factual events in history.

Sites about Lafayette Escradille:
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