Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day

Toon Credit: Glenn McCoy

LMC's Voter Guide

The 2 most important issues to me on today's ballot are for Jim Talent to win re-election and for Amendment 2 to be defeated.

No shocker I will be voting straight Republican this year but I would like to highlight a couple of local candidates who are stellar and worth mentioning.

When I met Ken Mehlman last week I also met several people running for local elections here in my county. Myles Perry is running for Clay County Prosecutor and he is awesome. He is an great guy with a wonderful sense of humor and an impressive record. His opponent is being funded by defense attorneys who ofcourse want him in because he will be soft on their criminal defendants. Yet another reason to vote for Perry. If you live in Clay County vote for Myles Perry.

I only wish I could vote for this guy, Doug Ervin but I am not in his district. One of the offices that I make phonecalls through we make calls for various state representatives' elections. I got to make calls for Ervin and it was an honor. I had heard lots of good things about him but I was even more impressed meeting him in person. You hear people say that others are nice and you take it with a grain of salt but Ervin is just one of the most genuinely nice guys I have ever met. When I asked him how he felt about being endorsed by the liberal KC Star his face was priceless. Most conservatives take it as an insult to be endorsed by the paper since they endorse 95% of Democrats and liberal causes.

He also has been a champion for defeating amendment 2. He has done 2 presentations at churches explaining the truth about the amendment. Thats what you call taking a stand on principle and running with it. You win big points with me for taking principled stands on the right issues. If you live in Ervin's district there is no doubt, vote for Doug Ervin.

John DeStefano is another guy running for state representative that I only wish I could vote for since he isn't in my district either. He is a great guy and great on all the issues. If you live in his district I encourage you to vote for John DeStefano. Unfortunately I live in the only district in my county that has a Democrat state representative. And the worst thing is a Republican didn't even run against him this time so he's a lock. My husband and I are planning on writing in either Spongebob or Jack Bauer as our write-in candidate ;-).

I will be voting no on all the amendments except for the Veterans' amendment which is amendment 6. No on proposition B and no on both Kansas City questions.

Voting yes on the following judges:
William Ray Price
Stephen Limbaugh
James M. Smart, JR.
Harold Lowenstein

Nationally I'm hoping for a chance to hold both the Senate and the House. Gary over at The Ex-Donkey blog has a post on Republicans being optimistic and links to an awesome article by Dean Barnett. I'm rooting for Santorum (despite how the polls look) and Steele to win their seats. Gary also has a post on how Zogby gets busted for skewing his poll results. There does seem to be some movement towards Republicans so we'll see how it pans out.

In conclusion I would like for everyone to get a big laugh out of this video. Again I snagged it from Gary who snagged it from The Colossus. The idea is to rally our team and get out there and vote. It really does all come down to turnout so do your part and turn out and vote. My mantra is if you don't vote you aren't allowed to whine!!

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