Friday, October 20, 2006

Why it is crucial for all Missourians to vote for Talent on November 7th

This is going to be the 1st part of a 2 part series of posts. This one will be on why it is so important to vote for Talent. Part 2 will be on why you should just say no to Claire McCaskill.

All Missourians need to think about what issues are important to them and what they want their senator to fight for in Washington. I make phonecalls 3 times a week to voters and hear all kinds of opinions. One lady told me she was going to vote for Claire because she would fight for her in the senate. I was incredulous because the other questions I had asked her were all things that she agreed with Talent on. She had completely different values than Claire but somehow thought Claire would be a better fighter for her in Washington. Today I ask all Missourians to consider their values and what is important to them when deciding on who to cast their vote for in November.

Talent Supports Life at all stages

One of the most important issues to me is where a candidate stands on the issue of the sanctity of life. I challenge Missouri voters to look at a picture of an aborted baby and tell me how it is okay to kill the most innocent among us. Talent is also against Amendment #2 which experiments on human life and promotes cloning. Talent agrees with 89% of Missourians who are against human cloning.

Talent is For Border Security with no amnesty

Are you concerned about illegal immigration and the threat it poses to our national security? If that is a concern for you Talent has been stellar on this issue. Gateway Pundit points out how Talent introduced a comprehensive border security bill.

Talent is strong on the War on Terror

Talent understands the struggle that we are in when it comes to keeping this country safe from terrorists. He supports finishing the job in Iraq and does not believe in a cut and run policy.

Talent supports appointing Strict Constructionists to the Supreme Court

Are you tired of liberal judges legislating from the bench? I certainly am. I am tired of liberals who can't get their policies passed via legislation (because the American people don't support it) so they accomplish it through the courts. This is an extremely important issue to me and Talent supports judges who would interpret the constitution not legislate from the bench. He voted for both Roberts and Alito.

Talent supports allowing you to keep more of your hard-earned tax money

Talent is a big supporter of tax cuts and was called a "taxpayer hero" by Americans for Tax Reform. Most people are aware that taxes are always too high so it is nice to have a senator who understands that you know how to spend your money better than Washington does.

Talent supports really helping the poor and minority communities by empowering them

In doing research for this post this was the most impressive thing about Talent that I was unaware of before now. Talent has done a lot for poor and minority communities by empowering them instead of just supporting entitlement programs that keep them in poverty. As a result many African-American leaders are supporting Talent and abandoning the Democrat party. Here are two recent articles about the support for Talent by African-Americans:
Neglected by Democrats, blacks jump the party line
McCaskill offers little new for blacks here

This link shows what Talent has done for the African-American communities: An Effective Leader for African-Americans.

Talent supports protecting our kids

Talent joined two other U.S. senators this past July in introducing legislation that would "safeguard our kids from internet exploitation, drugs and sexual predators".

These are just some of the issues that Talent supports. I have highlighted ones that are of importance to me. Talent has been great on many other issues as well including helping small businesses, fighting meth and the list goes on. This election is a crucial one because it may determine which party controls the Senate next year. I for one do not want to lose a strong, conservative senator that represents the values of Missouri to a liberal who represents the values of the East Coast. In 18 days all Missourians will make a choice and I pray you will choose the senator who represents your values.

Talent on the issues
Jim Talent for Senate

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