Tuesday, July 01, 2008

My Parting Thoughts!

This is my favorite pic to post when going out of town. I am headed North!! First, to Michigan to see my parents and then to Canada for a Missions Trip. In my absence, Mike, Rivka and Steve will be your substitute bloggers. Before leaving I had a couple of thoughts I wanted to share.

1) Hat tip to Nick at Conservative Cajun for referring Alan Lammey to me for yesterday's radio show. It was a great show and I learned a lot.

2) Wesley Clark's comments leave you shaking your head once again. I still remember Madonna endorsing him during his own dismal attempt at running for president. One has to remember that Clark was so incompetent that even Bill Clinton fired him.

3) I watched the movie, Blood Diamond. I wasn't aware of many of the events that took place in the movie and it opened my eyes to yet another conflict taking place in Africa. I would be interested to know how much of it was accurate. I did a little searching on the internet and it definitely was based on some actual events, how loosely, I'm not sure.

I'm not necessarily a fan of Leonardo DiCaprio, but I thought he did an excellent job of acting in the movie. Overall, I thought it was good and left the intended impression on the viewer.

4) A lot of progress in Iraq is being ignored by the Drive By Media, of course!!

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