Saturday, March 11, 2006


Click on the cartoon to make it bigger so you can read it. This one doesn't relate to much but when I was looking through the Calvin and Hobbes archives I found it and thought it was hilarious!!

Life has been crazy lately. My oldest daughter had a baton competition last weekend that I spent the whole day at. It went very well though and her group took 2nd place in both of the numbers they did. I was very happy with how things went this year. Last year she had a different teacher who didn't prepare us for what we were going to face at competition. And it was a fiasco. So I was very relieved that it went so well this year.

Last night my son had his 10th Birthday party and my friend helped with a special cake for him. I will post the great pic and tell the story that goes with it when I have the picture.

So anyway all that to say my house desperately needs my attention so will be back to blogging when I get a breather.

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