Friday, September 05, 2014

When the Game Stands Tall--A Review

It’s as if life has taken more than it gives, and I am lost.--Coach Bob
 Every time you’ll answer the same thing:  Bellevue played better than us and we lost.  That’s football.  Don’t let it define who you are.  I truly believe the best things in life happen when we lose something or something challenging happens.--Coach Bob

It’s no longer about who the bigger, faster, stronger players are.  It’s about who plays with more heart.--Rival Coach 
 --I saw When the Game Stands Tall last night.  It is an amazing movie based on a true story.  I am a huge Jim Caviezel fan, and he did a great job in this.

--Christianity Today had this to say:
When the Game Stands Tall is based on the 2003 book of the same name by Neil Hayes, a sportswriter for the Contra Costa Times. I don’t how many clichés are in the book, but if Hayes quotes De La Salle coach Bob Ladouceur at all, it’s certain to have some.

You get the idea. But here’s the thing: They’re (the cliche quotes) delivered with such sincerity that you believe them right along with the players. And not just because they’re so earnest, but because — at least at De La Salle High, and at least while Ladouceur was coach — they’re true. And because Ladouceur, a devout Catholic who also teaches religious studies at the school, lives out these ideals right before their eyes.

He’s the real thing. And Caviezel, also a devout believer, captures his subject very well — a coach who truly loves his players first as young men made in God’s image, and second as football players. Don’t get me wrong: Love alone won’t win football games. Ladouceur — who went 399–25-3 in his career before retiring last year — is a fantastic coach, and he has had incredible talent on his teams. But most of his players grew up to be exemplary young men, even the ones who didn’t play ball in college or the NFL.
--Besides being inspired by the Coach and what he taught the players, I was moved by the theme of how important it is to be a part of a team.  The same concept plays itself out in the military.  There is something about not facing life alone.

--I am definitely going to be reading the book.

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